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Doug Ford promises to scrap the Liberals sex-ed curriculum

Thousands of South Asians in the GTA who had deep reservations about Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum were elated to learn this week that new PC Leader Doug Ford would scrap the one passed by the Ontario Liberals.

Doug Ford lost no time in reassuring a potential vote bank of this promise.

“We will repeal it and then we’ll make sure we consult with the parents and teachers,” said Ford to reporters this week.

When the Liberals updated Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum in 2015, it led to protests and noisy demonstrations across the GTA and a significant number of new immigrants coming from more conservative backgrounds vehemently opposed the updated version stating that it went against the values of their culture and religion.

Many parents believe that the sex-ed curriculum gives students more material than they are capable of handling about sex. The last update was in 1998 before the era of smartphones and sexting.

There is resistance to the updated curriculum from conservative elements from all religious backgrounds who oppose same-sex marriage and abortion, topics that are taught in the curriculum.

Another contentious issue is gender identity which many parents believe confuses children.

Meanwhile Premier Kathleen Wynne now finds herself once again defending the updated sex-ed curriculum since it has become a prominent election issue.

Although PC leader Ford has said that the sex-ed curriculum would not be top of his agenda, he will make it a priority given that this is an emotional issue that is very personal for many parents although some believe it defies rationality.

On one hand many parents have reservations about same sex marriages or abortion but in the age of the internet when information and sexual images are only clicks away, it seems quite silly to be outraged about being taught these things in the classroom.

Many South Asian parents continue to believe that their children are naïve in these matters. If only they were privy to some of the conversations happening among high school students in school, they’d be clamoring for even more sex information to be given to school children. – CINEWS

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