Downtown Brampton businesses to get $250,000 in financial support

Peel Regional Council approved $250,000 in new financial support for Downtown Brampton businesses which will be delivered through the “Welcoming Streets” pilot program.

The motion, put forward by Regional Councillor and Downtown Brampton BIA Board Member Rowena Santos, will see the program be co-designed by the region and the city in collaboration with Peel police and the Downtown Brampton BIA.

Regional staff will explore the program to be administered by the Downtown Brampton Business Improvement Association (BIA).

“As the City’s Chair of Community Services, and representing downtown Wards 1 & 5, I have heard from many residents and businesses that are looking to grow their businesses and looking for more customers in the downtown”, said Regional Councillor Rowena Santos. “One of the best ways to make our downtown more welcoming is by supporting the businesses that are there and also ensuring that vulnerable populations not only have access, but are utilizing the many supports available to them”, she added.

A Welcoming Streets program will include more timely responses to business requests, enhance communication and collaboration among stakeholders, improvements to cleanliness as well as the perceptions of community safety and well-being. The program will also seek to provide improved support to vulnerable populations in accessing Regional and non-profit programs and services to improve their outcomes.

Brampton will join other Ontario municipalities, like Guelph, Oshawa, and Cambridge who have implemented similar programs in their communities. Following the pilot, staff will review the outcomes and provide recommendations for consideration in the City and Region’s 2023 budget process.




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