Dozens of Taliban militants dead after attack repelled on Afghan city

Afghan security forces repelled an attack by the Taliban on Shiberghan city, capital of Jawzjan province, killing and injuring dozens of militants, a police officer said.

Sporadic fighting started early Friday when dozens of Taliban militants armed with guns and heavy weapons entered from two directions in the south and east of the city, provincial police officer Abobakar Jilani told Xinhua news agency.

“The Afghan army, police backed by local public uprising fighters repelled the attackers and prevented them from advancing to the central part of the city,” he said.

The Afghan Air Force conducted several airstrikes on militants’ positions on the outskirts of the city, 390 km to the north of national capital Kabul, an official from the Afghan National Army told Xinhua.

“Within the past 24 hours, 60 militants have been killed and many others wounded. The army personnel will soon reopen two provincial highways which connect Shiberghan city with neighbouring Balkh and Sari Pul provinces,” he said.