Drama begins on the appointment of Pak Army chief, says Imran

PTI chairperson Imran Khan on Saturday connected the current situation in Pakistan to the appointment of Chief of Army Staff, terming it as “unfortunate” that everything in the country is happening over one appointment, media reports said.

In a conversation with social media influencers, the former Prime Minister said the Army chief should be appointed on the basis of merit, Geo News reported.

“A drama begins on the appointment of Army chief which does not happen in any part of the world,” said the PTI chief, the report said.

Khan said the Army cannot unite a country single-handedly, adding that “if the Army could unite the country, Pakistan would not have been divided” in 1971.

He continued that the “neutrals” cannot pressurise the PTI in accept the incumbent “mafia government”.

Rejecting dialogue with the coalition government, Khan said that he will not talk to corrupt people. “To sit and talk with corrupt people is to accept their corruption,” he added, Geo News reported.

He claimed that the PTI is the only national party in the country right now, adding that he will not take any decision that is not in the country’s interest.

Reiterating that transparent elections are the only way to stabilise the situation, the ex-premier said that he will give the tickets for the upcoming elections himself.

“We took the Punjab government back so we could remove Hamza Shahbaz as the Chief Minister,” said Khan.

The PTI chairperson alleged that a conspiracy is being hatched to pit the party and Army against each other, warning that there will be bloodshed in the country in case of any clash.




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