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Drew Barrymore shares why she’s avoiding plastic surgery

Hollywood star Drew Barrymore has talked about why she is steering clear of plastic surgery. She said that she is avoiding cosmetic procedures because of her “highly addictive” nature.

Barrymore said: “I have a highly addictive personality, so I worry I’d continue to chase it, get this and that done. That scares me, just because of my own approach to things.”

“So, I’m waiting on making any alterations,” Barrymore told People reports

The ’50 First Date’ actress, who battled substance abuse as an adolescent and gave up drinking altogether in 2021, said that she has not “done anything” to fight the aging process.

“And I’m going to maintain that as long as possible,” she said.

“I have zero judgment for anyone doing anything. But I do not see myself resorting to it.”

Barrymore does, however, indulge in beauty products and loves experimenting with different hairstyles and hues.

She said that she dyes her hair so much that she “does not know (her) real colour” anymore.

Going under the knife is not of interest to Barrymore, who hopes to show her daughters, Olive, 11, and Frankie, 9, whom she shares with ex-husband Will Kopelman, that growing older is a gift.

“It means you’re alive, you’re living, and that’s a really good thing. Embracing aging is such positive, healthy messaging,” she said.

According to Barrymore, she emphasises the importance of health.

“Health really comes into focus more than anything when there is peril. If you have your health, then you can focus on so many other things – including beauty. But it really is the most important thing of all.”



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