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DRI seizes smuggled gold weighing 24.8 kg

Chennai, Feb 22 (IANS) The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in a span of four days seized 24.8 kg of smuggled gold valued at Rs 8.58 crore, the agency said.

In a statement issued on Friday, the DRI said it had seized 24.8 kg of smuggled gold valued at Rs 8.58 crore in a span of four days.

The intelligence agency also seized other smuggled items such as electronic goods and cigarettes.

The DRI literally struck gold on Thursday when it seized 17.9 kg smuggled gold valued at Rs 6.24 crore from the premises of the smuggling syndicate.

The yellow metal concealed in various domestic appliances and gadgets was smuggled through Chennai Airport, the statement said.

The DRI officials also seized smuggled Apple iPhones, smart watches, USB chips and others valued at Rs 1.1 crore and foreign currency valued Rs 33 lakh.

According to the statement, the syndicate worked in coordination with the mastermind in Malaysia.

The syndicate members would identify genuine passengers returning from Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai and convince them to carry the electronic or other gadgets in which the gold is concealed to Chennai.

At the Chennai airport, the members of the syndicate would collect the items from the passengers.

Six persons have been arrested in this connection.

On Monday, the DRI officials rummaged a flight at the airport here and seized 5.72 kg of gold valued at Rs 1.97 crore. The gold was concealed in deep hollow of a seat.

At the Tiruchirapalli airport on Monday, the DRI officials seized 1.13 kg gold valued Rs 37.41 lakh attempted to be smuggled into the country by a group of passengers from Malaysia.

The DRI also arrested the kingpin who landed in Tiruchirapalli airport by the next flight.




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