Gautam Budh Nagar, April 16 (IANS) A drone that was being used for monitoring a Noida society after the spread of coronavirus, has gone missing and police have engaged more drones to find it. The drone went missing four-five days ago and its last location was traced to the under-construction SuperTech North-I building.

According to sources, the SuperTech Captetown society in Noida-75 has been declared a hotspot for the coronavirus. Four-five days ago, the Sector-49 Police Station staff had asked for a drone to monitor the situation in the society. The Police Department had hired a drone from a private company.

“A height of 130 feet was set for the drone and then the company released it. The drone successfully delivered the view for sometime but thereafter the operator lost connection with it and despite every possible effort it could not be reconnected,” a source said.

The police then asked the operating company to deploy more drones to locate the missing one and after sometime they found what they thought was a similar device lying on the roof of the under-construction SuperTech North-I building. But when the police personnel reached there to retrieve it, all they found was a cement bag stuck in between the iron rods.

Now, it has been five days since the drone went missing and the Noida police are worried about it. They are constantly searching for it. The report of the missing drone was also confirmed by a senior police official who wished not to be named.

(Sanjeev Kumar Singh Chauhan can be contacted at [email protected])




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