Gurugram, March 14 (IANS) A joint drug control team of Haryana’s Gurugram and Nuh districts has seized huge cache of hand sanitisers from a trading company in Gurugram’s Udyog Vihar area, an official said.

Amandeep Chauhan, drug control officer, Gurugram said that the trading company was involved in selling hand sanitisers through online portal Amazon.

“We have seized 80 pieces each 500 ml from the unit. The trading company has cosmetic manufacturing license from Delhi and was operating here in Gurugram illegally,” Chauhan said.

During investigation, it was also emerged that labels on hand sanitisers signify its effect as drug which is misleading and is being claimed to be effective against contagious virus.

“As per the invoices, product was mostly ordered from Karnataka under influence of the misleading claim. The recovered sanitisers sampled from the spot and investigations will be carried further,” Chauhan said.

“At a time of global epidemic, Gurugram administration has appealed common people to avoid such online purchase which misleads by making false claims. We have intimated Amazon like online portals to avoid selling of such products with false label claims that portrays products as drugs,” he said.




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