Drunk TN man beats two young daughters to death

In a shocking incident, a drunk person in Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram district on Friday beat to death his two young daughters after they questioned his liquor consumption, police said.

The incident was reported from Chinna Madhurpakkam and the accused, identified as Govindaraj, has been arrested.

Orangandam police said that he was addicted to liquor and used to pick up quarrels with his school-going daughters and wife, who is a worker at a garbage segregation unit

Police said that on Friday, when his eldest daughter and Class 11 student Namdhini and his youngest daughter Deepa who studies in Class 4 reached home, they found Govindaraj consuming liquor and questioned him. At this, an infuriated Govindaraj hit them with a wooden log. The children suffered head injuries and died on the spot.

When his other daughter Dheena reached home in the evening, she found the house locked from inside and even after repeated knocking there was no response. She alerted her grandmother Ambika and neighbour Gopal who broke open the door and found Govindaraj inside the home with the bodies of the two daughters. He ran off on seeing them but the family informed the police who took him into custody.

Another of Govindaraj’s daughter Nivedya had earlier picked up a fight with him and committed suicide by burning herself.

Police said that the man did not work and was addicted to liquor. The Orangandam police is conducting further investigation into the death of the children.




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