Dubai court orders Indian-origin man to pay 80,000 dirhams ‘blood money’

A court in Dubai has ordered an Indian-origin man to pay 80,000 dirhams in blood money to the family of two women from Saudi Arabia who were killed in a car accident in June this year.

The Dubai Traffic Court was told that an Indian man, 48, recklessly drove his car in the residential town of Al Barsha on June 3, killing two women and injuring four others.

The Indian failed to see a car, which was reversing in the middle of a main road, and rammed into it, The National reported. Both cars then hit a third car, with a family from Saudi Arabia inside. Two women died on the spot, while four other family members were moderately injured.

The Indian as well as the other car driver from Bangladesh were charged with causing wrongful death, causing injuries and damaging one another’s cars.

The Indian, who denied all charges against him, was fined 2,000 dirhams and ordered to pay 80,000 dirhams in blood money to the family of the victims on Monday.

The court cancelled the Bangladeshi’s license for three months, and ordered him to cough up a 10,000 dirhams fine and 320,000 dirhams in blood money.

“Blood money payments come into effect when you are found responsible for causing someone’s death,” Hassan Elhais, legal consultant at Al Rowaad law firm, told The National. It’s most commonly applied in traffic accidents that result in somebody being killed, said Elhais.




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