Dubai implements green tariff on single-use plastic bags

Dubai has started imposing a 25-fils (6 US cents) tariff for each single-use plastic bag, which is part of the UAE’s plan to gradually ban the use of some single-use plastic products by 2024.

The move is “in line with enhancing environmental sustainability and encouraging individuals to reduce the excessive use of plastics,” the Dubai Media Office said on Friday.

According to Dubai Municipality, the tariff in Dubai is mandatory for all shops, including groceries, retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, e-commerce services and delivery services, that provide single-use bags (measuring less than 57 micrometres in thickness) to carry goods.

Meanwhile, stores are not obligated to provide free alternatives to their customers.

The move by the Dubai government follows Abu Dhabi’s decision on June 1 to ban the use of single-use plastic bags across all stores in the capital of the UAE.




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