Dundas Street in Toronto to be renamed

Yesterday, Toronto City Council voted to rename Dundas Street and other civic assets with the Dundas name in an effort to promote inclusion and reconciliation with marginalized communities. The vote follows a push to scrap name due to Henry Dundas’s connection to slave trade.

“This recommendation is the right decision in our continuous path to building a Toronto that is inclusive, equitable and reflects the values of its diverse members,” said Mayor John Tory. “We acknowledge that this is just the first of many steps to come, but this a genuine step in the right direction of who we are and what we can be. The names of our public streets, parks, and monuments are a reflection of our values as Torontonians. I look forward to the work to come and continuing to build a Toronto for all.”

Staff will report back to Executive Committee in Q2 2022 to bring forward potential new names for Dundas Street and other City-owned assets bearing the Dundas name. The renaming process will be led by a Community Advisory Committee made up of Black and Indigenous leaders and representatives from the diverse communities living and working along Dundas Street, including Business Improvement Areas and resident associations. The Committee will develop potential new names, as well as a transition plan to assist residents and businesses throughout the renaming process.

Council also approved the development of a commemorative framework that will inform a more inclusive, community-centred approach to naming and place-making. The framework will include guiding principles for how the City commemorates public figures and events in monuments, street and place names, and will set out a process for reviewing other assets in the future. Beginning in the fall, the City will engage in consultation with a diverse group of stakeholders and the general public for feedback on the development of the commemorative framework.



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