Dwayne Johnson’s daughter doesn’t believe he voiced Maui in ‘Moana’

Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently shared that his 4-year-old daughter has refused to believe him when he told her that he voiced the character for one of her all-time favourite Disney movies.

As per a report in a leading tabloid, Dwayne Johnson shared a video on his Instagram handle where he was sitting down for an adorable tea party with his daughter.

In the video, Johnson shares that tea parties with Tiana (his 4-year-old daughter) have this amazing way of “putting life into perspective” for him and he also said that it is likely that his youngest child may not remember these precious father-daughter moments.

Johnson’s caption for the video read, “Man these daddy/daughter/bunny tea parties have a special way of kinda putting life into real perspective.” In the video Dwayne Johnson is sitting with his daughter for a tea party along with her toy bunny.

He continued, “My ‘why’ becomes even more clear. She just turned 4 and probably won’t remember this, but I sure will.”

The former WWE champion also shared that his daughter, Tiana, does not believe him when he tells her that her father was the one who voiced Maui in the movie, ‘Moana’.

Johnson wrote in the caption, “And she still refuses to believe that her daddy is actually MAUI from one of her favourite @disney movies, MOANA! She always says, ‘Daddy, you’re not Maui, you’re The Rock.’”

Dwayne Johnson shares two daughters, Tiana (4) and Jasmine (6) with his wife Lauren Hashian. He also has an older daughter Simone (20) whom he shares with ex-wife Dany Garcia.



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