Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday described the Samajwadi Party as a dispensation promoting corruption, nepotism, casteism and neglect of merit during recruitments. Yogi said between 2012 and 2017, appointments to government posts in the state were distributed among the members of only one family.

One appointment process was looked after by some influential uncle while the other was allotted to a nephew, maternal uncle or grandfather. The Chief Minister was having a face-to-face meeting with the youth during the distribution of appointment letters to 271 Block Education Officers (BEOs) in the Basic Education Council at Lok Bhavan here.

Yogi said since 2017, appointments have been made to four lakh government posts. This is the highest in any four consecutive years since 1950. Many states may not have had so many appointments since decades. As many as 1.2 lakh appointments have been made in the Basic Education Council. There were appointments to 1.37 lakh posts in the police department.

The Chief Minister said the previous governments had abolished 54 Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) companies, while the present BJP government which is committed to a strong law and order situation in the state set up three PAC companies of women, too.

Yogi said earlier caste, religion and money was the basis for getting a job. The youth was desperate and dejected.

Drawing comparisons of one dynasty to the characters of the Mahabharata, the Chief Minister said during that period the uncle-maternal uncle-grandfather blocked the progress of India, similarly a single family remained an impediment to the progress of Uttar Pradesh.

Yogi said now in Uttar Pradesh only competiveness and merit are the criteria for getting government jobs. No one can say any longer that they got a job by paying money or through influence.

The Chief Minister congratulated the newly appointed BEOs who joined the Basic Education Council and also spoke about the corruption in the various selection commissions/recruitment boards of the state four years ago.

Yogi said earlier every appointment was made by looking at caste and religion. Many a times, besides giving jobs, people from one family also used to search for bridegrooms for their daughters and sisters. The image of these commissions was tarnished.

Yogi said the present government has given a clear warning that the commissions would have complete freedom to do their work, but if any complaint of irregularity is received, then the entire commission will be acted upon. The result of these efforts is that today no one can say that they got a job through influence.

In the programme, the CM also inquired from the youth about the need to pay a bribe or make recommendations anywhere during the entire selection process, but all the youths unanimously denied such a need.

While giving the appointment letters, Yogi told the BEOs that as a competitive student, the methodology they had expected from the government, now after being a part of the system, they should work in the same way. He said if the job is gotten through fair means, the honesty in their work should reflect as well.

While addressing the newly appointed BEOs, the CM said that in the last four years, teamwork has led to the makeover of primary education. Today the problem of proxy teachers is finally over. The training of teachers is taking place. Infrastructure has been developed in schools, with as many as 5.5 lakh children taking admission in schools. The quality of education has also improved. Now it is the work of the BEOs to take these tasks forward.

Yogi said,”The development block is your (BEOs) command area, you are responsible for every educational activity there. The BEOs should also inform its senior officials about its innovations and good work.”



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