Earthquake-like tremors felt in 50 villages of K’taka’s Kalaburagi


People of about 50 villages in three taluqs of Kalaburagi district experienced earth-quake like tremors on Friday night. The incident forced people to run away from their houses and spend the whole night outside for safety.

Kalaburagi MP Dr Umesh Jadhav and Sedam MLA Rajkumar Patil Tekur rushed to the villages late in the night and assured the villagers of all help in any situation. The district authorities made all possible efforts to calm down villagers and convinced them that the earthquake has not struck.

The villages of Sedam, Chincholi and Kalagi taluqs in the Kalaburagi district experienced tremors between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m on Friday. The villagers also heard a loud noise. They ran out of their houses into open fields thinking that an earthquake has struck.

Announcements were made in the villages by beating of drums asking people not to sleep inside homes. Local villagers explained that they have been experiencing loud noise, light tremors for a long time.

The Gadikeshwara villagers have been experiencing earthquake-like tremors for a long time. On Friday night more than 50 villages in three taluqs experienced this at the time of going to bed.

Villagers were so terrified that they explained it as if it is the last day of their life. Kalaburagi district authorities are ascertaining the cause of the incident. Experts say that the region is rich in limestones and whenever there is water accumulation, the loud sound emanates.

Kalaburagi villages are located on the border of Vikarabad district of Telangana where an earthquake was experienced on the night of August 20.