Easy tricks to train your brain to stop craving junk food

Wanting to eat junk food all the time is a sign that you’re probably addicted to it. Yes, junk food addiction is a very real thing and studies have shown that like caffeine and cigarette, those addicted to junk food feel severe cravings for it that are beyond their control.

The reason as science has explained countless times is the amount of salt, sugar and fats along with all the additives entice people into eating more and more junk food and it also tricks your brain into wanting to eat more even when your stomach is full.

It is also a proven fact that too much sugar and junk food lessen your productivity, not to mention the many detrimental side effects to your heart, blood pressure and overall health. The key to a healthy and long life is to eliminate junk food from your diet and while this seems impossible, there are a few tricks to help you along the way.

Chew a lot

It has been proven that the longer you take to eat, the less you end up eating. It may sound absurd to fast eaters. But the trick here is to chew more. Even if you are eating junk food, train yourself to chew a lot (a whole lot, like a cow) and you will find that over time the amount you eat has become far lesser.

As per research, around 20 minutes from when you start eating, your stomach sends a signal that its full. So, it makes sense that you spend more time chewing and break the habit of stuffing your mouth full of big bites of junk food.

Look out for Hunger colours

Ever wondered why McDonalds and KFC and all the junk food brands use so much red and yellow. Apparently, these colours along with orange tend to spark hunger and give your body cues that you need to it.

So, make sure you stay away from these colours and even at home, especially around your kitchen keep it devoid of red, yellow and orange, even in cutlery and bowls. You will find that the hunger cures are not misleading.

Smaller plate

Your brain is probably trained to believe that you need a plate full of food to satiate your hunger. Simplest way to trick your brain and reduce your portion size is to eat from a smaller plate. This way the plate looks full but in actuality you are eating less.

Gross yourself out

This is the best way to stop eating junk. Go online and watch the videos of how some junk foods are made, read the labels and process the fact of how much sugar, and additives are in the food you eat. Grossing yourself out with the facts of junk food (run a Google search) can go a long way towards creating an aversion and eventually causing you to stop consuming it.

Know your triggers

This may be the last point, but it is in fact the key to eliminating junk from your life. First thing first is to empty your pantry of junk. If you don’t see it, you are less likely to crave and eat it. Next, be attentive to what triggers you, note it down and list out alternatives.

If you’re a stress eater and tend to crave chocolates when stressed, get rid of chocolates and keep fruits like bananas or dry fruits like dates and figs handy.

If you are binge eater who likes munchies when watching shows or movies, throw out all the chips and dips and keep your pantry stocked with alternatives like pumpkin seeds, peanuts and pistachios.

Importantly, keep water handy and every time you feel the urge to eat junk, drink some water. A little extra hydration never hurt anyone!



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