Eateries in Panaji stop reusing edible oil


Eateries in Goa’s capital Panaji have stopped reusing edible oil, thanks to the the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) for the initiative.

The initiative to stop reusing edible oil in the capital of the coastal state is expected to benefit residents and visitors to the state capital, which is well-known for iconic eateries selling fried chillies, potato and onion fritters, according to CCP Commissioner Agnelo Fernandes.

Talking to IANS, Agnelo Fernandes said that an agency through FDA collects this used oil from small restaurants and eatery centres and then it is taken to Karnataka to make biofuel, soaps and other things out of it.

The CCP along with FDA had held meetings with all the stakeholders and had made them aware about ill effects of reusing edible oil, to which many responded positively and started cooperating to encourage the new system.

“I had told them that they can’t reuse the edible oil for the next day of business, as it becomes toxic and people suffer through it,” he said.

On the occasion of World Food Safety Day, Fernandes said that tourists visiting the capital city will enjoy clean and

hygienic food as all measures are taken by all — right from the small eateries to luxurious hotels.

“They all are cooperating. Our goal is that people should get good and healthy food. Not only citizens of Panaji, but tourists coming here, national as well as international, will pass on a message that good and hygienic food is provided here,” he said.

“Most of the eateries used to reuse the same edible oil from morning to evening. Now, things have started to change… They hand over the used oil to agencies (who collect it). It is a good start,” Fernandes said.



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