EC lodges case with Special Cell regarding fake messages

The Election Commission of India wants Special Cell of the Delhi Police to arrest persons behind circulating fake messages. One fake message that was circulated was — EC will deduct around Rs 350 for not casting vote.

The Special Cell of the Delhi Police lodged a case in this regard and have formed a team of elite police officials to look into the matter.

“The Special Cell of the Delhi Police has lodged a case under section 171-G (false statement in connection with an election) of the IPC against unknown persons,” a source said.

The Election Commission has said that the matter is very serious as such kind of messages can spread panic among common public.

Such fake messages are making rounds on Social Media i.e WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. The Special Cell will now write to the concerned officials of these social media to give them information about the person behind circulating this fake message.

The Election Commission has also requested the Special Cell that once the arrest is made, they should be duly informed.

The matter is being looked after by elite Cyber Unit IFSO which is being headed by DCP K.P.S. Malhotra.

A source said that the EC wanted that the matter should be treated as an urgent matter and hence a team was formed to look into it.

“We have lodged a case under section 171G of Indian Penal Code (IPC) which deals with false statement in connection with an election. Our team is looking into the matter,” a source said.

IANS has the copy of the case lodged by Special Cell of the Delhi Police.




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