Editors should welcome voices of young journalists: Raghav Bahl

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Mumbai, March 24 (IANS) Renowned media professional Raghav Bahl thinks all senior editors should encourage the opinion and thoughts of young journalists as “their perspectives towards any news and situation are different and connected to the new age digital readers”.

“When the digital and social media started booming… I had to learn a lot about the changing pulse of audience. After realising the constant changing scenario, I felt like a dinosaur for some time.

“So yes, I must say that senior editors and journalists should welcome voices of young journalists. They are very sharp, intelligent kids well versed with digital media,” said Bahl, who was present here on Thursday at the final session of ‘Visionaries of Industry Speak’ of FICCI Frames 2017.

“The thought process and interpretation of a 20-year-old would be very different from ours. Unless two generations are working together, we will not progress. So I think in an editorial meeting, it should be a combination of new and experienced people,” he added.

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Analysing how the short content, news and information will be totally shifting to millions of smartphones, he urged media professionals to work towards that to keep it relevant to the audience.



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