Education department in Bihar’s Vaishali imposes dress code on teachers

The education department of Bihar’s Vaishali district has imposed a dress code on the teachers during school hours.

A notification in this regard was issued from the office of Virendra Narayan, the district education officer, Vaishali on Thursday (July 13). After this, the teachers will not come to schools in jeans, trousers, T-shirts, kurta-pajama, etc.

The education department has directed all the male teachers to wear formal pants and full- or half-sleeve shirts.

Keeping in view the viral pictures or videos on social media showing teachers not looking decent.

“Keeping in view regular photographs and videos that come on social media where the teachers are not looking decent.It gives wrong or negative impression on the students and also gives the bad impression of the education department, hence we have taken such a decision to improve the image of teachers before the students so that they can take inspiration from them,” the notification said.

“The role of teachers in the formation of a healthy society and the character of children is very important. Teachers are like a role model for the students. Decent look of teachers will inspire the students’ learning as well as maintaining discipline,” the notification added.

In the last few days, teachers have been seen in casual dresses like kurta-pajamas in some districts of Bihar during the duty hours. Recently, Lakhisarai District Magistrate Sanjay Kumar Singh slammed a headmaster of a girls primary school of Bagudar Panchayat. The headmaster was wearing kurta-pajama and and carried a ‘gamcha’ (towel) in the school.




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