Education minister asks school board to ‘stop fearmongering’

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Last week Brampton Centre MPP Sara Singh urged Education Minister Lisa Thompson to address the Peel District School Board (PDSB) trustees’ open letter on the cancellation of secondary courses.

During question period of legislation Singh restated the PDSB board of trustees’ concerns on the impact the Ontario government’s cuts and larger class size will have on students in Brampton and the Peel Region.

She added that the board is “mean-spirited” and “purposely creating anxiety for students and parents and teachers alike.”

Thompson shot back saying the school boards need to “look within to find savings” instead of fearmongering.

In a response to Peel Region’s Progressive Conservative caucus’ letter to the board on May 17, the board states that while the government claims it’s investing more in education this year than last, based on their estimates the Peel board “anticipates less funding next school year compared to this year, despite projected growth in student enrolment and increase due to inflation.” -CINEWS

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