Efforts underway to resume int’l flights in Kabul airport

Efforts are underway to solve all technical difficulties ahead of the resumption of international commercial flights in the Kabul airport, a top official said here.

Airport director Abdul Hadi Hamadani told Xinhua news agency on Monday that domestic and cargo flights carrying aid items are operating and authorities are working to solve a number of technical problems for the resumption of all commercial international flights.

He made the remarks after local media reported earlier in the day that the airport has launched international flights.

The Kabul airport were damaged with its many facilities destroyed during the withdrawal of the last US-led forces and evacuation flights in late August, according to Hamadani.

However, he also confirmed a few commercial flights had been conducted after planes from Pakistan, Iran and Qatar had landed and took off in the airport in recent weeks.

Afghans trying to travel abroad have been facing difficulties as no plane tickets are available due to the suspension of international flights since the Taliban took over Kabul on August 15.