Eijaz Khan on how Bigg Boss 14 cemented bond with Pavitra Punia

Former Bigg Boss 14 contestant Eijaz says the show gave him a chance to discover the love of his love. Eijaz and evicted housemate Pavitra Punias romance gathered ground while they spent time in the season 14 house.

“Both of us had an exceptional journey in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. We entered with an intention to win the show. We fought a lot in the house but through those fights, we understood each other really well. We consciously maintained distance because we were there to win the game but there was a point when she felt that she should express her feelings for me and I also felt the same way,” said Eijaz, about how his bond with Pavitra grew stronger during their Bigg Boss stint.

“Now I have to spend time with her as there is no option for me,” he added with a laugh, hinting that the relationship was indeed permanent.

“In one of the episodes, I told her that I was slowly changing my perspective about her. After that, she got evicted from the show and I used to miss her a lot, so when I came out of the house, I spent most of the time with her, and now we know and understand each other really well,” he said while interacting at a radio event, where he appeared with Pavitra.

On getting closer to Pavitra in such a short span of time in the Bigg Boss house, he said: “I think sometimes when you spend time with a certain person for two years then also you don’t feel that connection, but there are instances when you spend only two days with a certain person and you feel connected with him or her.”

Beyond finding the love of his life, the show has also given him scope to self-introspect.

“This show has given me a new life and it has given me a chance to understand myself. I have not only got the love of my life but thousands and lakhs of people have loved and supported me during my stint and it is a very precious thing for me,” said Eijaz.

He felt Pavitra and he deserved a place in the finale. “Both of us played well and we deserved to be finalists but now it doesn’t matter to me,” he said.