‘Ek Mini Katha’ writer Merlapaka Gandhi was conscious not to cross line with humour


Writer Merlapaka Gandhi says he was conscious not to cross the line of sensitivity and decency while penning the new Telugu comedy, “Ek Mini Katha”. The film starring Santosh Shoban and Kavya Thapar revolves around a common man who has the small penis syndrome.

“When I was writing this film, my first concern was that there were chances the humour could’ve crossed a certain line. I wanted to keep the sensitivity in check. Our aim was to come out with a clean family entertainer,” Merlapaka says.

Not just at the writing stage, the entire team of the film, led by director Karthik Ropalu, was aware of consequences if sensitivity of the topic was not kept in check, he adds.

“Even while shooting the film, we had a line that we didn’t want to cross and make the film look risqué. We were carefull with the dialogues and expressions also. We always wanted to address this issue but as a family entertainer, ” Merlapaka says.

The film has released on Amazon Prime Video.