Ekta Kapoor says her audio show ‘Darmiyaan’ is the story of many women’s lives

Television czarina Ekta Kapoor shares about her audio show ‘Darmiyaan’ starring Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia. She opens up on the experience of doing this women-centric show and also how the audience will relate to it.

Ekta says: “Conceptualising entertainment content for Audible has been a fantastic experience and has helped me push the creative envelope further than ever before. With the audio medium, you do not have the support of visuals to communicate your thoughts which makes the process challenging and pushes you to innovate. My first audio show ‘Darmiyaan’ has everything – love, unbelievable scandals, shocking twists and much, much more. I’m sure listeners are going to love it, and become audiophiles for life.”

Ekta has produced a number of shows and worked with numerous popular faces of television. She elaborates about the particular reason behind her choice of Shabir Ahluwalia and Sriti Jha.

“The duo has exceptionally powerful chemistry and have been a very hit duo on my shows, I knew they would bring ‘Sakshi’ and ‘Ridhaan’s characters to life beautifully. Sriti has such depth of voice, such maturity and Shabir, he is the quintessential man child – brazen, bold and so loveable,” adds Ekta.

‘Darmiyaan’ is a story of a couple ‘Sakshi’ whose beautiful married life undergoes a sudden upheavel when her husband’s explosive sex tape is leaked online. She loses all her hopes until ‘Ridhaan’, a young man comes into her life.

Ekta feels that this story resonates well with the lives of women in our society. She shares: “‘Darmiyaan’ cuts across gender, class and strata – it is the story of so many women’s lives. Many listeners will think as they listen to ‘Sakshi’ – ‘hey, that was me or hey! I know her!’ The show focuses on the internal journey of a woman’s struggle and is extremely relatable – it takes you through the vast array of emotions a woman actually feels during turbulent times and difficult circumstances versus what they are ‘supposed’ to feel.”