Electricity charges revised in Kerala, to go up by 6.6%

The electricity tariff in Kerala is all set to go up by 6.6 per cent, the Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission announced on Saturday.

The Commission, however, announced that there will be no hike for those consumers who consume 50 units or less in a month.

According to the revised slabs, those who consume between 51 to 100 units in a month will have to bear an additional Rs 22.50, and those using up to 150 units Rs 47.50 more. It will be a Rs 100 hike for those using between 151 to 200 units, Rs 130 for those using upto 250 units, and Rs 225 for using above 500 units.

State Electricity Minister K. Krishnan Kutty said that maximum care has been taken to see that consumers are not taxed heavily and one cannot go with the present tariff because the availability of coal continues to be in short supply and hence, there is no other go but to increase tariffs marginally.




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