Elephant runs amok, crushes 2 to death in Bihar

Two persons were crushed to death when a wild elephant ran amok in Bihar’s Nawada district. A team from the forest department was trying to catch the elephant, which has also destroyed crops.

A forest official said the elephant entered Babhanauli village in Nardiganj on Wednesday night and killed Vinod Chauhan (55).

On Thursday morning, the elephant caught Anandi Singh (62), who was going to relieve himself in Hisua. It picked him up and then slammed him on the ground, which led to Singh’s death, officials said.

Fear has gripped the Nardiganj and Hisua areas as the elephant continues to be at large.

Nawada forest division officer A.K. Ojha told IANS that a team of experts had been called from Gaya and Patna to catch the elephant. He said that three teams from the forest department were trying to trap the elephant.

Forest Area Officer (Ranger) Sanjay Kumar said the elephant arrived in Nawada from Jharkhand’s Chatra. It first created trouble in the Sirdala Block area, then it came towards the Hisua and Nardiganj areas, Kumar said, adding that efforts were being made to drive the elephant back to the forest or capture it.