Elon Musk’s transgender daughter files for name change

Elon Musk usually finds himself making headlines, be it for his pathbreaking business venture, his numerous relationships or his explosive statements.

From trying to buy out Twitter for $44 billion to featuring in the scandalous defamation trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, Musk has been a mainstay of headlines for a while now.

Now, the entrepreneur extraordinaire is yet again in the news, this time because one of his children has filed an application to change name.

Musk’s child, formerly known as Xavier Alexander Musk recently turned 18 and the child has come out stating that she is transgender. She has now filed an application asking the court to legally change her gender recognition as female. She was registered as male at birth. She has also filed an application along with gender change to legally change her name as well.

As per a report in Independent.co.uk, Elon Musk’s daughter from his first marriage wishes to change her gender and name and has filed an application in court for the same.

In her filing, it has been reported that she has stated “I do not wish to be related to my biological father, in any way, shape or form.” In her filing she has also asked for a reflection of her new gender identity on her documents.

Elon’s daughter, who only just turned 18, identifies as a transwoman wanted her documents to reflect her identity both gender and name wise.

Previously known as Xavier Alexander Musk, she is the daughter of Elon Musk and his first wife, Justine Wilson, who is a Canadian author. Elon’s daughter also has a twin brother called Griffin. The twins were born in 2004. Elon and Justine separated in the year 2008.

There have been no reports of a reported feud or falling out between the daughter and the father and her filing provided no explanation as to what the reason for the rift, if any was, or why she wants to dissociate with the SpaceX and Tesla Chief.

Neither Elon Musk’s lawyer or Tesla and SpaceX media office responded to repeated media enquiries on this matter. They are yet to make an official statement from their end.



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