Embarrassment for family, says tainted K’taka minister’s brother

Coming out in defence of his brother, Ramesh Jarakiholi, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee working president Satish Jarakiholi on Wednesday felt that release of such CD was certainly an embarrassment for the family.

Satish is the younger brother of Ramesh Jarakiholi, who resigned after the CD containing his intimate relationship with a woman was released on news channels on Tuesday. Since Tuesday evening, Satish had refrained from reacting to the media.

Interacting with the media here, Jarakiholi said that it will take some time for the family to recover from such a shock. “Investigations can only prove whether the CD was genuine or fake. All I can say is that my brother should have resigned Athe moment this CD was released in the media,” he said.

According to him, once such CD comes out in public, no party be it Congress or BJP or any other regional party cannot defend such actions. “I will not comment on whether the CD is genuine or fake debate all that I feel is that the family’s reputation has certainly dented,” he said.

He quickly added that the CD episode individually may not have any impact politically or otherwise, but when it comes to family, it certainly is a painful episode, which should not have occurred.

In response to a question that though he has not interacted with his brother (Ramesh) yet, it is evident that it will take much longer time for him to recover from such an episode. “This is certainly a lesson for all of us in public life, that every action is recorded nowadays. One needs to be extra careful in the present scenario,” he said.

Jarakiholi is one of the most politically influential families in Karnataka, who wield considerable clout in Karnataka’s sugar belt Belagavi district which sends 18 MLAs to the Assembly.