Employees demand reunification of Delhi’s 3 civic bodies

Citing the situation of all three municipal corporations in Delhi — North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation and East Delhi Municipal Corporation, the Confederation of MCD Employee Union has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi raising the demand to end the trifurcation and reunite all three bodies again.

This union has been formed by merging other 18 unions. According to the union, there are about 1.5 lakh employees in all three corporations, while there are 55,000 pensioners. That is, at present, two lakh families are connected with the corporations. The corporation provides about 50 types of facilities to the residents of Delhi.

According to him, when the employees of the corporation are not getting their salaries or dues, then the efficiency of providing facilities to the people will also be affected.

Convenor of Confederation of MCD Employees Union A.P. Khan told IANS, “Sometimes four months’ salary, sometimes six months’ pension and sometimes if the employee is retiring then he doesn’t get the remaining arrear. Instead, our major demand was to provide salary on time which has not been met.”

“In 2012, the corporation was divided into three parts. Since then the expenses have increased to a level that is causing only losses.”

He further said, “We have written a letter to the Prime Minister and urged him to reunite the corporation like it was before 2012 so that the people of Delhi do not face any problem.”

In fact, the union had also written a letter earlier raising this demand, but no solution has been found.

According to other union members, there have never been problems with the salaries of the employees before, but since the division of the corporations, these problems started cropping up.

Apart from this, due to the splitting up of corporations, different offices were created, work got divided, mayors got separated and the expenses increased multifold.

Union member Deepak Kumar said, “The pensioner who has retired in 2018 has not got the retirement benefits till now. An employee who has been getting the salary on time continuously for almost 30 years suddenly stops getting a salary, how will his family survive.”

“Besides the Prime Minister, letters have also been written to the Home Ministry, the Delhi Chief Minister and the Delhi High Court.”