Entry deadline extended for North Zone Shooting

The National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) has extended the March 8 deadline for submitting online entry fee to March 15 for the 40th North Zone Shooting Championship starting in Jaipur on March 23.

According to a circular of the NRAI, shooters filing online entries after Mach 15 will have to pay thrice the normal amount in their respective events, to be held in Jagatpura shooting ranges, Jaipur.

The deadline to pay three times the normal fee is March 18, after which no entry will be accepted. In normal course as well, when shooters miss a deadline, he/she has to pay three times the normal fee to get entry.

The North Zone competition will be held in shotgun, rifle, and pistol events under both National Rules (40 shots match) and International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) rules (60 shots match).

The NRAI has also revised the schedule for shotgun. The competition will be organised in both NR and ISSF rules, from March 23 to April 1. The matches in the rifle and pistol will also start from March 23 and will continue till April 6.

Competitors only from Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, and Uttarakhand are eligible to compete.

The eighth West Zone Shooting Championship in rifle (NR) will be held in Ahmedabad from April 1 to 5 while the eighth West Zone Shooting Championship in pistol events (NR) will be held in Mumbai from March 22 to 29, and will be organised by the Maharashtra Rifle Association.

The fifth East Zone Shooting Championship in rifle and pistol (NR) events, including open sight matches, will be conducted from March 11 to 14 in Asansol, West Bengal.