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               Vol: 23  No: 38   § September 23,  2022     #CanIndiaNews

        Indian student shot in GTA rampage succumbs to injuries

        HAMILTON                                         family and friends of the  from Dubai, where he works  where the shooter had also  hours before shooting Hong
                                                         victim, and the communities  as a truck driver.  worked for a short period.  at close range. He then went
          A  28-year-old  Indian                         impacted by this horrible  According to an online  The shooting rampage  across  the  street  and
        student has succumbed to                         tragedy.                GoFundMe page honouring  began in Mississauga shortly  carjacked another victim
        the injuries sustained during                       “This is heartbreaking  Singh,  the   former  after 2 pm on September 12,  before continuing to Milton,
        a   multi-city  shooting                         news for our community  international student had  when Constable Hong, who  where he shot three more
        rampage which also claimed                       which hasn’t even begun to  been on life support and had  was in the city for a training  people at an auto repair
        the life of a Toronto police                     heal   from   Monday’s  been declared brain-dead.  session and on his lunch  shop.
        constable and Milton auto                        traumatic events. I urge  His father gave staff at the  break at a Tim Hortons, was  As of Sunday afternoon,
        repair shop owner.                               everyone to reach out and  Hamilton General Hospital  shot and killed at close  the GoFundMe had raised
          "Satwinder Singh, 28, of                       ask for help if they need it,”  permission to pull him off  range.       more than 35,000 dollars to
        Milton   passed   away                           said Halton Regional Police  life  support  Saturday  Investigators believe the  help support Singh's family
        peacefully at the Hamilton  Satwinder Singh      Service  Chief,  Stephen  afternoon, said Kaur.  killing was unprovoked and  and return his body to India.
        General Hospital with his                        Tanner.                   Singh, who obtained an  that the suspect was on the  "He will leave us with a
        family and friends by his  part-time at MK Auto   Sarabjot Kaur, the victim's  MBA in marketing in India,  lookout for an officer.  dent in our hearts for a
        side," police said in a news  Repairs at the time of  cousin told Toronto Star  was a student at Conestoga  Police said the suspect,  lifetime," the post said. "It is
        release. "Satwinder was an  shooting."           that Singh’s father, who had  College. He had been  who they have identified as  a tough time for our family,
        international student from  Police expressed their  not seen his son since before  working part-time at MK  40-year-old Sean Petrie,  and we need prayers from all
        India who was working    heartfelt condolences to the  the pandemic, had just come  Collision Centre in Milton,  waited at the coffee shop for  of you."

        Record-breaking turnout for

        Khalistan Referendum in

        Brampton, claims SFJ

        BRAMPTON                 state of Khalistan with  previous records of voting in
                                 Shimla as its capital. The  London, where over 30,000
          Over 50,000 Sikhs took  referendum was organized  Sikhs had taken part; Italy,
        part in the Khalistan    at    Gore    Meadows   where the number was just
        Referendum    held   in  Community   Centre  in  below London; Geneva
        Brampton   last  Sunday,  Brampton by Sikhs For  where the presence was
        according to reports by  Justice  (SFJ),  a  pro-  under 10,000 and the UK’s
        Indian and Pakistani media.  Khalistani advocacy group  cities  of  Slough,
        One report says thousands  that has been banned in  Birmingham, Leicester and  THE EVENT WAS HELD LAST SUNDAY AT BRAMPTON'S GORE MEADOWS COMMUNITY CENTRE
        more were turned away as  India. Sikhs living in Canada  Manchester  where  the
        queues stretched several  who are 18 years and older  numbers were significant.  Khalistan Referendum will  allowing the voting to take  because they are afraid of
        kilometres at the close of the  were eligible to vote. A news  The group advocating for  start from January 26, 2023,  place in Punjab, PRC  the outcome.”
        day at 5 pm.             release from the Punjab  Khalistan says voting in  coinciding with India’s 74th  Chairman Dane Waters  Participants  of  the
          While  the   numbers   Referendum Commission   Punjab will start next year.  Republic  Day,”  media  stated that in his view “If  referendum  held  in
        (organizers     claimed  (PRC) said it was tasked  “Today, Canadians voted  quoted  SFJ's  Counsel  India is a true democracy,  Brampton reportedly said
        attendance  was    over  with supervision of the  in  the   independence  General Gurpatwant Singh  then they need to walk the  that the Indian Punjab will
        110,000) could not be    voting which was managed  referendum  to  reclaim  Pannun as saying.     walk and talk the talk. They  soon  emerge  as  an
        verified, visuals on social  by        third-party  Shimla as the capital once  In response to a reporter’s  should allow their citizens to  independent country on the
        media show a large number  administrators.       Punjab is liberated from the  question on why India is  exercise their right to self-
        of men, women queuing up  SFJ claimed that Sunday's  Indian occupation. The  criminalizing a Khalistan  determination and not limit  SEE KHALISTAN
        to vote for an independent  event  had  broken  all  voting in Punjab for the  Referendum  and  not  the opportunity to vote just  REFERENDUM,P.7

         Trudeau still top choice                        Grocery prices 10% higher than last year: StatsCan

         for PM, says new poll                           OTTAWA                  excluding gasoline, has  products (+15.4%), fresh  July. Higher prices for
                                                                                                                                  passenger vehicles in August
                                                         While inflation cooled to  On a monthly basis, the CPI  alcoholic  beverages  2021 contributed to the year-
                                                         seven per cent in August,  fell 0.3% in August, the  (+14.1%),  condiments,  over-year  slowdown  in
                                                         grocery prices continued to  largest monthly decline  spices,  and  vinegars  August 2022.
                                                         climb.                  since the early months of the  (+17.2%),  sugar  and  In August, the average hourly
                                                         A    Statistics  Canada  COVID-19 pandemic. On a  confectionery (+11.3%), and  wages rose 5.4% on a year-
                                                         (StatsCan) report found that  seasonally adjusted monthly  fish, seafood, and other  over-year basis, meaning
                                                         grocery bills registered their  basis, the CPI was up 0.1%,  marine products (+8.7%).  that, on average, prices rose
                                                         fastest increase in more than  the smallest gain since  Year-over-year growth in  faster than wages.
                                                         40 years.               December 2020.           durable goods slowed to  Not surprising, a survey
                                                         The decline in inflation rates  Transportation  (+10.3%)  6.0% in August, following a  found that a growing number
                                                         was mainly due to lower  and shelter (+6.6%) prices  7.0% gain in July. Prices for  of Canadians are spending
                                                         prices at the pump. On a  drove the deceleration in  household  appliances  more than their paycheque
                                                         monthly basis, gasoline  consumer prices in August,  (+9.0%) rose less in August  and taking on more debt.
                                                         prices fell 9.6% following a  according to StatsCan data.  than in July (+11.5%) amid  A poll and report released by
                                                         decline in July (-9.2%). This  Moderating the slowing in  reduced consumer demand.  the National Payroll Institute
                                                         was the largest monthly  prices were sustained higher  A moderation in price growth  states that the number of
        OTTAWA                    Recently released Leger  decline since April 2020, the  prices for groceries, as prices  was observed for refrigerators  individuals living paycheque-
                                 survey data showed that 24%  national statistical agency  for food purchased from  and  freezers  (+12.0%),  to-paycheque increased by 26
          Justin Trudeau has a slight  of Canadians felt Trudeau  said.          stores (+10.8%) rose at the  laundry and dishwashing  per cent compared to a year
        edge over recently-elected  would make the best prime  Excluding gasoline, prices  fastest pace since August  appliances (+9.3%) and  ago.  Additionally,  the
        Conservative Party leader  minister when compared to  rose 6.3% year over year in  1981 (+11.9%).  cooking appliances (+7.9%).  number  of  working
        Pierre Poilievre when it                         August, following a 6.6%  On a year-over-year basis,  The purchase of passenger  Canadians with credit card
        comes to who should be                           increase in July. This is the  Canadians paid more for  vehicles index rose 7.3% year  debt climbed to 42 per cent,
        Canada's prime minister, a         SEE POLL - TOP   first month since June 2021  meat  (+6.5%),  dairy  over year in August, down  which is a 13 per cent
        new poll says.                  CHOICE FOR PM P.6  that the year-over-year CPI,  products (+7.0%), bakery  from an 8.2% increase in  increase from 2021.
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