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        Anushka’s comeback film ‘Chakda Xpress’ to release on Netflix

          Bollywood actress Anushka  become a cricketer and make  make her country proud. She  cricket lovers. As a cricketing
        Sharma is all set to make her  her country proud on the  strived  to  change  the  nation, we have to give our
        comeback after three years  global stage, it was very tough  stereotype that women can't  women cricketers their due."
        with the film 'Chakda Xpress'  for women to even think of  make a career out of playing  The  actress  added:  THE ACTRESS
        based on the life of female  playing the sport," she said.  cricket in India so that the  "Jhulan's story is truly an  PLAYS THE LEAD ROLE
        Indian  cricketer  Jhulan  Anushka shared that the  next generation of girls had a  underdog story in the history
        Goswami. The movie will  film is a dramatic retelling of  better playing field."  of cricket in India and the film  IN THE BIOPIC ON
        have an OTT release on   several instances that shaped  Anushka  added  that  is our celebration of her
        Netflix.                  her life and also women's  Jhulan's life is a living  spirit."            FEMALE CRICKETER
          Anushka calls 'Chakda  cricket.                testimony that passion and  The film is produced by  JHULAN GOSWAMI
        Xpress' a really special film  "From support systems, to  perseverance triumphs over  Anushka's brother Karnesh
        because it "is essentially a  facilities, to having a stable  any or all adversities and  Ssharma and directed by
        story of tremendous sacrifice."  income from playing the  'Chakda Xpress' is the most  Prosit Roy.
          "Chakda Xpress is inspired  game, to even having a future  definitive look into the not so  He said: "In India, cricket is
        by the life and times of former  in cricket - very little propelled  rosy world of women's cricket  not just a sport, but an
        Indian  captain  Jhulan  women of India to take up  back then.           emotion. We at Clean Slate
        Goswami and it will be an eye-  cricket as a profession. Jhulan  "As a woman, I was proud  Filmz are dedicated to
        opener into the world of  had a fighting and extremely  to hear Jhulan's story and it is  bringing the best of stories
        women's cricket. At a time  uncertain cricketing career  an honour for me to try and  and 'Chakda Xpress' is one
        when Jhulan decided to   and she stayed motivated to  bring her life to audiences and  such unique story of a pioneer
                                                                                 in women's cricket in India
                                                                                 inspired by the life of Jhulan

                                                                                 Banned Punjabi film gets a release date

                                                                                   Punjabi  crime   film                           he said, "We respect their
                                                                                 'Shooter'  starring  Jayy                        opinion,  but  only  by
                                                                                 Randhawa, based on the life                      watching  the  3-minute
                                                                                 and crimes of notorious                          trailer one should not pass
                                                                                 gangster Sukha Kahlwan,                          the judgment. We should
                                                                                 will finally see the light of                     know the whole story before
                                                                                 day two years after it was                       saying anything, I believe.
                                                                                 banned by then Punjab                            We are here to produce and
                                                                                 Chief Minister Amarinder                         promote   entertainment,
                                                                                 Singh, citing its violent                        nothing else. One should
                                                                                 content.                                         expect     entertainment
                                                                                   The film is set to release in                   because we go to watch
                                                                                 theatres on February 4.                          movies   to    entertain
                                                                                   Speaking on the occasion,                      ourselves, nothing else."
                                                                                 producer K.V. Dhillon said,                        "We are not showing any
                                                                                 "I just want to thank God                        violence, movies are made
                                                                                 and   the  judiciary  for                        from     moments/things
                                                                                 allowing our movie to be                         which happen in society, so
                                                                                 shown in cinemas. I am                           we have not created any
                                                                                 happy for my whole team.                         thing which has never
                                                                                 We all waited for this day                       happend or never shown.
                                                                                 and finally after two years                       It's a normal action, you can
                                                                                 this day has come."      Chief Minister's opinion of  go with your family to
                                                                                   Talking about any changes  the film promoting violence,  watch," he concluded.
                                                                                 made in the movie he
                                                                                 reveals, "We have not made
                                                                                 any changes in the movie
                                                                                 additional surprises which ‘The Crown’ casts
                                                                                 you will come to know when
                                                                                 theatres and yes there are Pakistani actor as
                                                                                 you will watch this movie in
                                                                                 few   cuts  which   are
                                                                                 unnoticeable (sic)."     Diana’s love interest
                                                                                   Responding to the ex-
                                                                                                           Pakistani actor Humayun
                                                                                                          Saeed will reportedly play
                                                                                                          the love interest of Princess
                                                                                                          Diana in the fifth season of
                                                                                                          Netflix series 'The Crown'.
                                                                                                           He has been cast as Dr.
                                                                                                          Hasnat Khan, a British-
                                                                                                          Pakistani heart surgeon who
                                                                                                          practiced at London's Royal
                                                                                                          Brompton Hospital, reports
                                                                                                           Khan's 2004 statement to
                                                                                                          the Metropolitan Police,
                                                                                                          which was submitted in  HUMAYUN SAEED WILL PLAY the
                                                                                                          2008 to an inquest into  role of HEART SURGEON
                                                                                                          Princess Diana's death,  DR. HASNAT KHAN
                                                                                                          stated that he was in a
                                                                                                          relationship with her from  cricketer Imran Khan and
                                                                                                          1995-1997 and that she  had moved to Pakistan.
                                                                                                          broke up with him after she  Humayun Saeed debuted
                                                                                                          met Dodi Fayed at a holiday  as an actor in 1999 with
                                                                                                          with Mohammed Al Fayed  Urdu film 'Inteha' and has
                                                                                                          and his family.         enjoyed a distinguished
                                                                                                           In    the   statement,  career across film and
                                                                                                          submitted from Pakistan  television.
                                                                                                          where he had relocated, Dr.  He  is  known  for
                                                                                                          Khan said that he had   adventure-comedy 'Jawani
                                                                                                          considered a life with  Phir Nahi Ani' and its 2018
                                                                                                          Princess Diana, but the  sequel 'Jawani Phir Nahi
                                                                                                          situation with the press, who  Ani 2'.
                                                                                                          hounded her every move,   Other  notable  roles
                                                                                                          would make it untenable,  include romantic comedy
                                                                                                          reports    'Punjab Nahi Jaungi', which
                                                                                                           Dr. Khan said in the   he co-produced, and science
                                                                                                          statement he believed that  fiction film 'Project Ghazi'.
                                                                                                          the only solution was to  'Tenet'  star  Elizabeth
                                                                                                          move to Pakistan and that  Debicki  plays  Princess
                                                                                                          Diana had discussed the  Diana in season 5 of 'The
                                                                                                          matter  with   Jemima   Crown'. 'The Kite Runner'
                                                                                                          Goldsmith, who was at the  star Khalid Abdalla has been
                                                                                                          time married to Pakistani  cast as Dodi Fayed.
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