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10 I October 15, 2021   § Vol: 22  No: 42                                                                                

        Daniel Craig gets a

        star on the Hollywood
                                                                                                           TAURUS    (Apr. 21- May 21)
        Walk of Fame                                                                                       This week, you are advised to keep your ego in check. At times you may
                                                                                                           flaunt your knowledge to gain respect amongst your colleagues. Busi-
          Hollywood star Daniel  words."                                                                   ness people need to be cautious as there could be unexpected conflicts
        Craig has been feted with a  "I never thought I would                                              with a partner or subordinates. Those whose business is related to for-
        star on the Hollywood Walk  hear myself say this, but it's                                         eign clients will earn respect from their customers. Those employed
        of Fame following the release  an absolute honour to be                                            can be a victim of office politics and must make efforts to sustain their
        of his final 'James Bond'  walked  all  over  in                                                    position.
        movie 'No Time To Die'.  Hollywood."                                                               TAURUS    (Apr. 21- May 21)
          Craig's star is located just  Craig added that he was a
        yards away from the late Sir  "very happy man" to have                                             This week, your competitors can cause undue stress. Those working in
        Roger Moore, who played  his star among Hollywood                                                  the government sector can expect to receive a transfer. Those in the
        007   in  seven  movies  icons on the Walk of Fame.                                                private sector need to be careful as they may be accused of wrongful
        between 1973 and 1985,    He said: "If happiness was                                               doings. Those of you who are planning to buy a house should postpone
        reports  measured by the company                                                 the decision. Be careful of the choice of property and related docu-
          The actor, who first played  we keep then me being on                                             ments before moving forward. Some of you can find it difficult to pay
        Bond in the 2006 film     this pavement surrounded                                                  back your loans or clear off your debt.
        'Casino Royale', said it was  by all of these legends makes                                        GEMINI   (May 22-June 21)
        an "absolute honour to be  me a very, very, very happy                                             This week, you may feel low on courage and stamina. Be watchful at
        walked   all  over   in  man. So thank you very                                                    your workplace as your work may not be appreciated by your seniors.
        Hollywood".              much."                                                                    Colleagues can also give you a hard time. Concentrate on your work in-
          The  53-year-old  star  Actor Rami Malek, who                                                    stead of the attitude of people around you. You may go on a short trip
        added: "To Michael Wilson  plays villain Safin in the                                               with your loved one. Those studying will see an improvement in their
        and Barbara Broccoli, I  latest Bond film, praised  hand tied behind his back  these  two  potentially  concentration and score better grades. You may have a difference of
        thank you from the depth of  Craig for his ability as an  and the other holding a  opposing things at the same  opinion with younger siblings.
        my heart, without you I  actor and a colleague.  Negroni.  But  he's  as  time – an incredible amount
                                                                                                           CANCER  (June 22-July 22)
        would not be here today,  He said: "We all know he's  fastidious about his craft as  of talent and responsibility
        thank you for those lovely  a  superb  actor,  he's  he is about empathy for  and an incredible warmth  You need to focus on matters relating to your mother this week. There
        words. Thank you Rami for  dedicated, he can handle all  everyone around him."  and acute awareness of what  could be some difference of opinion between you. Also, her health may
        those beautiful, beautiful  his own stunts with one  "He has the ability to hold  those around him need."  be worrisome and require medical attention. Watch your words, else
                                                                                                           you can land in trouble. You will be inclined to involve yourself in spec-
                                                                                                           ulative businesses to earn quick money. Consulting experts will be a
        “It’s the best time of my career,” says Kangana                                                    good idea. Those who are in the real estate business will have a
                                                                                                           favourable time as profits will shoot up.
                                                                                                           LEO  (July 23-Aug. 22)
          Four-time    National
        Award-winning    actress                                                                           You will strive for success and put in your best effort this week. How-
        Kangana Ranaut is over the                                                                         ever, you may face frustration and anxiety due to obstacles in complet-
        moon with the response her                                                                         ing your projects. This will make you work harder to get success. You
        latest movie 'Thalaivii' is                                                                        may face a stressful environment at your workplace, which will make
        getting. She credits her I am much more                                                            you battle hard to keep up your reputation and prove your ability. You
        team for the success and  popular now than                                                         will try to support your younger siblings but the relations with them
                                                                                                           will remain volatile.
        says that she is much more
        popular now than she has  I have ever been                                                         VIRGO    (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)
        ever been.                                                                                         This week, your spending will go up which can impact your financial
          Ever since the movie was  Kangana is happy despite                                               condition. Be cautious with money matters and keep an eye on your
        released on a streaming  the film being pitted against                                              budget. Those working in multinational firms or dealing with foreign
        portal, the film has been  international  content,                                                  clients will have a favourable period as they will be able to market their
        trending and this gives a  'Thalaivii', which is based on                                          products and services well. Some short trips are foreseen this week
        sense of reassurance to  the life of late Tamil Nadu                                               which can lead to gains. Be mindful of disputes with family members.
        Kangana, who says despite  Chief Minister and former                                               Clear communication can help resolve issues.
        her right-wing opinion it  actress J. Jayalalithaa, did                                            LIBRA
        even got appreciation from  so well.                                                                       (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)
        people who follow a 'Leftist'  The film showcases the                                               This week, you could be low on confidence while making decisions. You
        approach.                varied   aspects    of  streaming  people  who  Swamy sir brought a lot of  are advised to trust yourself and carry out all your tasks diligently. This
          Talking to our news    Jayalalithaa's life, tracing  watch high end content and  emotional  content  and  will slowly improve your self-esteem and motivate you to work harder.
        service about feeling like a  her journey as an actress at  are used to international  gripping narrative to the  Similarly, you may feel insecure about your monetary condition. Don't
        number    one   actress,  a young age to becoming the  content essentially they also  film."        let these thoughts interfere with your daily functioning. You may face
        Kangana said: "I do my own  face of Tamil cinema, as  love the film. It is very  How does all the love  some ego clashes with your friends and loved ones. Your partner will
        thing and I am in my own  well as the rise of the  reassuring."          coming her way for the film  remain supportive.
        place. Most actresses are  revolutionary leader who  Kangana credits "good  feel?                  SCORPIO    (Oct. 24 - Nov. 21)
        very popular for starring  changed the course of the  writing, direction and the  "This has been so healing  This week, you will remain bold and courageous in your personal as
        with popular heroes. That's  state's politics.   fact that everybody was such  in terms of all the scrutiny  well as professional life. Those who are working in global projects or
        how actresses have always  "The film was pitted   a good actor in the film."  that I went through and I go  have clients will have an extremely favourable phase. However, those
        been. But I have my own  against a lot of international  "It helped a lot."  through for my very right-  working with the government may face a troublesome period due to
        light."                  content. We always made a  She talked about her  wing   opinions   and    their superiors. Those who are in business can face unproductive ex-
          She added: "I don't    film    that   was    a  favourite performance in  nationalistic approach to  penditure. You are advised to avoid any long-distance travel pertaining
        borrow someone's else's  quintessential  underdog  the film.              things after that kind of  to work, as the same may not bring the desired results.
        light. So, you know, that is a  story but we never thought  "To be honest Raja Arjun  appreciation even from
        good place to be in.     it would be pitted against  sir's performance is my  people who have a Left or  SAGITTARIUS  (Nov. 22- Dec. 21)
        Definitely, I am much more  'Squid Game' and these very  favourite performance in  Communist approach or  This week can bring some instability in your financial life. Those who
        popular now than I have  popular series which had a  the film. He's so good. He  idealogies  even  they  own a business will look to generate new sources of income. Avoid
        ever been. It is true that  huge anticipation."  brought a lot of empathy  appreciated my work. And  falling into unfair means of generating income. Those who are em-
        right now is the best time of  She added: "All these  and sensitivity to a negative  that's how I feel that art  ployed may have to go through some unexpected deductions in their
        my career. I won't deny  things have made us feel  character. So every actor  brings everyone together,"  income. Some of you may get involved in disputes relating to paternal
        that."                   that eventually even on  was so good. Even Arvind  she concluded.         property. Those who wish to pursue hobbies and interests as a profes-
                                                                                                           sion can start to make the right moves in that direction.
                                                                                                           CAPRICORN     (Dec 22.- Jan. 20)
        Tony Bennett breaks another Guinness World Record                                                  This week will bring mixed results. It is a favourable time to invest in
                                                                                                           property. You can also gain from matters relating to ancestral property.
                                                                                                           However, if you are into a business, then you may face hardships and
          With the release on                                                      ‘Love  For   Sale’  is
        October 1 of ‘Love For Sale’,                                            Bennett’s last studio album  will achieve success only after a lot of hard work. In case you are in a
        Tony Bennett’s new album                                                 of his over 70-decade career  job, your relationship with your superiors may deteriorate. On the fam-
        with Lady Gaga celebrating                                               which has garnered him 19  ily front, you have to take special care of your parents' health. Those
                                                                                                           single can expect to enter into a new relationship.
        the music of Cole Porter, the                                            Grammy Awards, including
        95-year-old   singer  has                                                the   Grammy   Lifetime   AQUARIUS     (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)
        broken another Guinness                                                  Achievement Award.  The   This week, you need to pay special attention to your career. Be sincere
        World Records™. Bennett                                                  new album’s release comes  in your job as your superiors will closely monitor your performance. If
        is now the oldest person to                                              ten years after Tony and  you are facing any court case, then you may feel some stress. Those in
        release an album of new                                                  Lady Gaga first recorded  business should pay attention to minor details before making any de-
        material at the age of 95                                                the single, ‘Lady Is A    cision. To strengthen your love relationship, plan a vacation and spend
        years and 60 days.                                                       Tramp’ in 2011, which was  some quality time with your partner. For those married, their spouse
          Lady Gaga, who spoke                                                   followed by their first full  can face some health issues.
        recently about how she                                                   album together, ‘Cheek To  PISCES
        values the intergenerational                                             Cheek’, in 2014.  The third         (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
        friendship she has shared                                                video  from Love For Sale,  This week, you could face some obstacles in your daily tasks. You will
        with Tony Bennett since  the 95-year-old singer iS THE OLDEST PERSON TO RELEASE AN  featuring the classic Cole  be restless and some nervous energy will flow through you. Keep calm
        they first met 10 years ago,  ALBUM OF NEW MATERIAL                      Porter tune “I’ve Got You  and avoid making impulsive decisions. Meditation can help. On the pro-
        says: “I see a young boy                                                 Under   My   Skin”  was   fessional front, your competitors will be active and you need to be care-
        every time I sing with him,  freeing.  To have it be about  I also take in all his wisdom.  premiered on MTV on  ful. For those married, their partner can experience a positive phase
        and it just makes the    two souls singing together…  The wisdom of all his  Friday in conjunction with  in their career which will bring financial relief. Avoid spending lavishly
        experience of singing so  .and then at the same time,  years.”           the album’s release.      else your budget can be impacted.
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