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P. 11                                                                                                    November 26,  2021   § Vol: 22  No: 48 I 11

        ‘Bob Biswas’ set to                              Nusrat Jahan’s marriage to Nikhil

        release on December 3                            Jain not legally valid, rules court

                                                          The high-profile marriage                                                showing the oath taking
                                                         between    actor-turned-                                                 ceremony of Nusrat, claiming
                                                         Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan                                                that it showed her as married.
                                                         and businessman Nikhil Jain                                                "TMC MP Nusrat Jahan
                                                         came to end on Thursday                                                  Ruhi Jain's personal life, who
                                                         after a Kolkata court declared                                           she is married to or who she
                                                         that the marriage was legally                                            is living with, should not be
                                          ABHISHEK       invalid because the duo got                                              anyone's concern. But she is
                                          BACHCHAN PLAYS  married in Turkey and the                                               an elected representative and
                                          A CONTRACT     interfaith marriage was not                                              is on record in the Parliament
                                          KILLER         registered in India.                                                     that she is married to Nikhil
                                                          "It is declared that the                                                Jain. Did she lie on the floor
                                                         alleged marriage held on                                                 of the House," Malviya had
                                                         19/06/2019 at Bodrum,                                                    tweeted.
                                                         Turkey, between the plaintiff                                              BJP    Parliamentarian
                                                         and the defendant is not                                                 Sanghamitra Maurya had
          Actor        Abhishek  portrayal of the character  legally valid," said S. Roy, civil                                   also slammed Nusrat for
        Bachchan's upcoming film  will  capture  people's  judge, Alipore court.                                                   allegedly     providing
        'Bob Biswas' is all set to  imagination and will stay  Jain and Nusrat got                                                misleading   information
        premiere on December 3.  with them".             married in June 2019 in the  THE high profile MARRIAGE WHICH TOOK PLACE IN TURKEY WAS NOT  about her marital status in
          Produced by Red Chillies  Filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh  picturesque town of Bodrum                                             her affidavit for the 2019
        Entertainment and Bound  from Boundscript added  in  Turkey,  which  was  REGISTERED IN INDIA                             Lok Sabha elections, where
        script, 'Bob Biswas' will  that "this is a new 'Bob  followed by a wedding party  requires validation under the  marriage 'invalid', stating  she had declared herself to
        premiere on ZEE5. The film  Biswas', he is like any of us.  involving relatives and close  Special Marriage Act in  that they lived together as  be legally married.
        is  directed  by  Diya   In life we all have various  friends.           India, which did not happen.  'husband and wife' since their  Trinamool had defended
        Annapurna   Ghosh  and   roles to play, whether as a  But earlier this year,  As per the court of law, it is  union in 2019, but despite his  Nusrat in the matter,
        produced by Gauri Khan,  parent, spouse or a friend  Nushrat had claimed that she  not a marriage, but a  'best of efforts', her attitude  terming it as 'personal'.
        Sujoy Ghosh and Gaurav   and in each role we are  was not married to Jain and  relationship or a live-in  towards him changed within  Trinamool  General
        Verma.                   equally responsible and  it was only a live-in  relationship.            a year.                 Secretary Kunal Ghosh
          Debutant Director Diya  accountable. This is the  relationship. The marriage  "Thus, the question of  Jain filed the case even  had said, "Nushrat Jahan
        Annapurna Ghosh said: "I  world of Bob, where he is  was not legal and they have  divorce does not arise. Our  before the actress-turned-  is well-established and she
        have had the most fantastic  trying to cope with each role  been separated for a long  separation happened long  politician became pregnant.  is a professional. Some
        experience designing 'Bob  as his life unfolds before  time, she had maintained.  back, but I did not speak  It was learnt that Jain had  issues  regarding  her
        Biswas', a crime-drama that  him."                In a detailed statement, the  about it as I intended to keep  sent a notice of the divorce in  personal life have come to
        has a love-story in its   He added that creating  Trinamool Congress MP  my private life to myself.  February this year. After  the fore, but they have
        essence. This film came to  this world and Bob was  from Basirhat had said,  Thus, my actions must not be  Nusrat became pregnant,  nothing to do with the
        me in 2020 which was one  super exciting and having  "Being on foreign land, as per  questioned  based  on  Jain claimed that he was not  party or the organization.
        of the most difficult times in  Abhishek onboard has made  the  Turkish  marriage  'separation', by the media or  the father of the child.  The party is keeping a close
        all of our lives. I was blessed  the "film even cooler. I  regulation, the ceremony is  anybody I am not related to."  The issue sparked debate  watch on the developments.
        with a fabulous set of actors  genuinely hope that the  invalid. Moreover, since it  Following this, Jain filed an  after BJP IT cell chief Amit  The BJP should not do
        like   Abhishek    and   audience enjoys what they  was an interfaith marriage, it  annulment suit calling their  Malviya posted a video  politics on this."
        Chitrangda amongst others  see".
        who have given it their all."  Gaurav Verma, Producer  Why is November Manushi                    World on November 18 in  about 'Prithviraj' and I know
          The crime-drama is set  &  COO   Red   Chillies                                                 2017."                  that  it  will  entertain
        against the backdrop of a  Entertainment commented:  Chhillar's luckiest month?                    She added: "November will  audiences worldwide with a
        love story, showcasing the  "It's a unique film, a                                                 forever be special in my life.  story of iconic love, legendary
        dual life led by contract  character    spin-off,  Former beauty queen and  Manushi said: "November  I'm feeling emotional, elated,  valour  and  unflinching
        killer, Bob Biswas. The film  something we have never  debutante Manushi Chhillar,  has always been my lucky  thrilled, nervous, curious - all  courage. I hope I can make
        was shot in Kolkata and also  attempted before. It was  who is all set to play princess  month. So, it is an amazing  at the same time because I  my family proud with my
        stars Chitrangda Singh.  exciting to work with Diya,  Sanyogita in the Akshay  coincidence that the teaser of  have waited for this moment  work and I'm looking
          Manish  Kalra,  Chief  who has transformed into a  Kumar-starrer 'Prithviraj', is  my debut film Prithviraj has  for over a year."  forward to their reaction
        Business Officer, ZEE5    director with a lot of  ecstatic that the teaser of the  also happened in the same  Manushi hopes that she  when they get to see my film."
        India shared: "We are sure  promise in her very first  upcoming film dropped in  month, in fact just a few days  will make her parents proud.  'Prithviraj' will be released
        that Abhishek's unique   film."                   November.               before I was crowned Miss  "I'm extremely positive  on January 21, 2022.
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