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12 I December 3,  2021   § Vol: 22  No: 49                                                                               

        4 myths about heart failure Wellness

          Do you also think that                                                 tips for
        heart failure means the
        heart has stopped? There
        are several common myths                                                 winter
        about heart failure that
        people believe to be true.                                               Dr Manoj Kutteri
                                                                                 offers a detailed plan
        Myth: Heart failure  is the
        same as a heart attack                                                   to keep in good
          Fact: While heart failure                                              health when the
        and heart attacks, both fall                                             weather turns cold
        under the category of
        cardiovascular diseases, they                                                                     Autumn/Pre-Winter) Mid-  even life-threatening in
        vary immensely. A heart                                                    It is very common for us to  November to Mid- January  highly vulnerable groups. It
        attack refers to a sudden                                                be more susceptible to   ●  Out of these 6 seasons,  affects the lungs, throat and
        blockage of blood flow to                                                 various infections during the  Shishir  Ritu  (winter)  nose. Flu commonly affects
        your heart. On the other  increased risk of heart  Indians are affected by  winter season. According to  extending from Mid-January  younger  and  older
        hand, heart failure is a  failure.               cardiovascular  diseases  Ayurveda, a year is divided  to Mid-March is a period  populations and also people
        chronic,     progressive  The most typical signs  nearly a decade earlier than  into 2 kaalas i.e., Uttaryana  that remains cold and windy.  who have reduced immunity
        condition wherein the heart  include breathlessness or  their western counterparts.  and Dakshinayana. Each               or other underlying chronic
        is unable to pump blood  dyspnea, fatigue, tiredness,  Younger heart failure  kaala consists of 3 seasons  Ritusandh ('Ritu' means  conditions.  Symptoms
        efficiently.              increased time taken to  patients (18-55 years of age)  which lasts for about 2  season and 'Sandhi' means  include high fever, chills,
          However, a heart attack  recover after an exercise,  typically have a higher  months.           junction) is a transitional  sore throat, nausea, swollen
        can cause heart failure,  and ankle swelling. Slightly  occurrence of comorbidities,              period consisting of the last  lymph nodes and headache.
        alongside various other  less  typical  symptoms  such as obesity, in addition  Uttaryana Kaala (14  7 days of the previous season
        heart failure risk factors  include wheezing, nocturnal  to myocarditis, congenital  January to 14 July)  and the first 7 days of the  Wellness tips for  winter
        including  other  heart  cough, bloating feeling,  heart  disease   and  ●  Shishir Ritu (Winter)  next season. During this  ailments
        diseases, hypertension, lung  confusion,  palpitations,  cardiomyopathy,  which  Mid-January to Mid-March  period, our body is prone to
        or kidney disease, diabetes,  depression, dizziness, an  increases the risk of early  ●  Vasant Ritu (Spring)  infections.  Practice good personal
        obesity or unhealthy lifestyle  irregular pulse, loss of  heart failure. Thus, their  Mid- March to Mid-May               hygiene
        patterns.                appetite and a temporary  condition  would  be  ●  Grishma Ritu (Summer)  Common winter ailments   It is one of the most
                                 loss of consciousness   managed      differently,  Mid- May to Mid- July                         important ways to protect
        Myth: Heart failure has no  .                    addressing  these  risk                          Common cold             yourself  from   getting
        warning signs            Myth: Heart failure  only  factors  and  alleviating  Dakshinayana Kaala (14  A common cold is an  infectious diseases such as
          Fact: There are several  affects the elderly   symptoms to improve their  July to 14 January)   upper  respiratory  tract  stomach flu, common cold
        symptoms associated with  Fact:  Although  heart  quality of life.       ●  Varsha Ritu (Monsoon)  infection caused mainly by  and flu. It also helps to
        heart failure that one should  failure is more commonly                  Mid-   July   to  Mid-   viruses. It mainly affects  prevent the spread of
        be aware of, in addition to  prevalent  amongst  the  Myth: Heart failure  is the  September      children, old aged people  infection from yourself to the
        identifying risk factors, such  elderly,  the  younger  ‘end of the road’   ●  Sharad Ritu (Autumn/  and  other  immune-  next person.
        as family history and    population can also develop  Fact: Heart failure does  Fall) Mid- September to  compromised individuals.
        comorbid conditions, that  heart failure. Moreover,                      Mid- November            The  symptoms   include  Yogic kriyas
        can predispose you to    research  suggests  that      SEE HEART FAILURE, P.15  ●  Hemant  Ritu  (Late  throat irritation, cough with  Practising yogic kriyas
                                                                                                          or without phlegm, running  such as Jala neti will help to
                                                                                                          nose, sneezing, watery eyes,  remove the excess mucous
                                                                                                          headache and a low-grade  from the upper respiratory
                                                                                                          fever.                  tract and help in the proper
                                                                                                                                  airflow   without   any
                                                                                                          Stomach flu              obstruction. Thus it also
                                                                                                           Stomach flu can spread  helps    in   asthmatic
                                                                                                          rapidly during the winter  conditions and alleviates
                                                                                                          season and is caused by the  congestion, allergies and
                                                                                                          Norovirus. In this condition,  cold. It should be practised
                                                                                                          there  is  an  ongoing  under the guidance of a
                                                                                                          inflammation of the mucosal  proper Yoga trainer. Care
                                                                                                          lining of the stomach. It can  should be taken to blow the
                                                                                                          be   easily  transmitted  nostril properly after the
                                                                                                          through food and drinks and  practice to avoid headaches.
                                                                                                          through        feco-oral
                                                                                                          contamination.     The  Herbal remedies
                                                                                                          symptoms include nausea,  ●  Basil: Basil has good
                                                                                                          vomiting, watery diarrhoea  antiseptic  and  antiviral
                                                                                                          and stomach cramps. The  properties  and     is
                                                                                                          person may also feel chills,  recommended  for  viral
                                                                                                          headaches,  fatigue  and  infections like the common
                                                                                                          muscle aches.           cold and flu. It also helps to
                                                                                                                                  liquefy the phlegm and is
                                                                                                          Extreme dry skin        effective for cough and
                                                                                                           Dry skin, also known as  Asthma. It can be added as a
                                                                                                          winter skin, is usually  topping to soups and sauces
                                                                                                          worsened during the winter  ●  Turmeric: It has a great
                                                                                                          season    when     the  antiviral property and acts
                                                                                                          environmental humidity is  effectively  against  the
                                                                                                          very low. This is because of  influenza virus. It is also rich
                                                                                                          the cold and dry air which  in antioxidants and has an
                                                                                                          evaporates the water content  anti-inflammatory property.
                                                                                                          of the skin very quickly,
                                                                                                          making it dry and tight. Skin  Exercise
                                                                                                          can   be    prone   to    Moderate  exercise  is
                                                                                                          inflammations during this  extremely important to keep
                                                                                                          period.                 our metabolism high. We
                                                                                                                                  can get into cardio or yoga
                                                                                                          Asthma                  practices that help to elevate
                                                                                                           Asthma is a condition in  the body heat and to
                                                                                                          which the airway becomes  improve heart functions so
                                                                                                          narrow  and   inflamed,  that the circulation can be
                                                                                                          leading to difficulty in  improved to different parts
                                                                                                          breathing,  cough  and  of the body.
                                                                                                          wheezing.  For    some
                                                                                                          Individuals, these symptoms  Dietary Measures
                                                                                                          may flare up during the
                                                                                                          winter season. The cold dry  Vitamin C rich foods
                                                                                                          air can irritate the airways,  Taking Vitamin C rich
                                                                                                          producing more mucus and  food is essential for the
                                                                                                          increasing the symptoms.  repair of tissues. It helps to
                                                                                                          Also, the cold environment  improve the production of
                                                                                                          can    worsen    airway  white blood cells and fights
                                                                                                          constriction.           against infection. Vitamin C
                                                                                                                                  rich foods include amla,
                                                                                                          Flu                     strawberries,  broccoli,
                                                                                                           Flu is commonly mistaken  brussel sprouts, pepper and
                                                                                                          for a common cold but both
                                                                                                          are different.  It is a common
                                                                                                          viral infection that can be  SEE WINTER WELLNESS, P.15
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