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P. 15                                                                                                    December 3,  2021   § Vol: 22  No: 49 I 15

                               Fill in the boxes using the numbers 1 to 9 and  SPEED LIMIT
         SUDOKU                KIDS 1 to 6.  Every row and column and every        Search by address or focus
                               group of 9 boxes inside the thicker lines must  CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE  on an area. Green shading
                                  contain each number only once.                 shows     neighbourhoods
             CLASSIC                                                                                       TAURUS    (Apr. 21- May 21)
                                                         Mississauga.            which have been completed.
                                                          To   find    out  what  The orange areas show those  This week, you will establish good relations with your superiors at work
                                                         neighbourhoods have been  where the speed limit   which will enhance your career prospects. Business people will con-
                                                         completed, check the map on  changes will be coming soon.  tinue to experience success in their field of activity. They can benefit
                                                                                                           from foreign sources. You will receive financial benefits from your fa-
                                                                                                           ther's side. You will pay attention to the family and understand their
                                                         STEVE BURTON            Beautiful' continue to rely on  needs. All work trips will be successful. The financial condition in the
                                                                                 testing, social distancing and
                                                         CONTINUED FROM P.11     other CDC-recommended     house will be good and the honour of the family will increase.
                                                                                 guidelines for their on-set  TAURUS  (Apr. 21- May 21)
                                                         "exposed at work".      protocols.                This week, you will see success at work. Your diligent working style will
                                                          During that time, the in-  Recasting   popular   bring favourable results. Those employed may be promoted and their
                                                         fighting at the show about  characters on soap operas  workload will increase. You will profit in property-related matters. If
                                                         Covid protocols spilled into  and dead characters coming  you do business, relations with the partner can be volatile, try to avoid
                                                         the public, and resulted in  back to life are endemic to  such a situation as it can have a negative impact on your business. You
                                                         the vaccine mandate.    the genre.                may experience a strange detachment in your mind which could spoil
                                                          Of the four daytime      In the past, the Jason  relations with your dear ones.
                                                         dramas remaining on the  character has been played by  GEMINI
                                                         networks, 'General Hospital',  other actors, as Burton has  (May 22-June 21)
                                                         which is owned by ABC, is  pursued other projects. The  You will remain spiritually inclined this week. A strong desire for a
                                                         the only one that has   episode of 'General Hospital'  change in job will arise in your mind and you will work in this direction.
             CLASSIC                                     instituted a vaccine mandate.  in which a tunnel collapsed  Your respect and goodwill will increase in society and you will share a
                                                          'Days of Our Lives', and  on Jason gave even more fuel  good relationship with your father. You will receive an opportunity to
                                                         'The Young and the Restless'  to fans' theories that Burton  invest in business. You will get the support of your elder siblings. Your
                                                         and 'The Bold and the   had been fired.            relationships with your senior officers will improve. Your income will
                                                                                                           increase and be helpful in fulfilling your desires.
                                                         RAKHI SAWANT            Jay Bhanushali all are very  CANCER  (June 22-July 22)
                                                                                 challenging and that is why I
                                                         CONTINUED FROM P.11     am not planning anything.  This week, you will be inclined to spend on matters relating to rejuve-
                                                                                                           nation. If you are married, then there is a possibility of some confronta-
                                                                                 After going inside I will hold  tion with your in-laws. Also, there are chances of loss of money.
                                                         but there was something  their feet and say 'please  Investing in any way can prove to be harmful. There is a possibility of
                                                         that was lacking in the show  forgive me if I am not able to  transfer at your workplace. You may also get a chance to go on business
                                                         and she is going to add that  make proper connection'  trips which will be profitable. You will get a chance to do what you desire
                                                         element along with her  and 'sabki band bajau'"   in the field of work, which will give you satisfaction.
                                                         husband. She feels her entry  Is she planning to make
                                                                                                           LEO  (July 23-Aug. 22)
                                                         will spice up the game. "I am  the connections with the
                                                         going to add 'tadka' to the  housemates and she says: "I  This week, business people can experience strong business growth and
                                                         show that I believe was  don't think so as how much  earn good profits. They can also succeed in expanding their business.
                                                         lacking."               connection I will be able to  You will share a good equation with your business partner. Those in a
                                                          When     asked   what  make inside the house.    job will make progress and can get a promotion. There could be sudden
                                                         chemistry we are going to  Actually I cannot decide  monetary gains from unexpected sources. You can also benefit from
                                                         see with her husband on the  anything right now."  ancestral property. Your expenses could increase, but you will be able
               KIDS                                      show, she says, "It will be all  Rakhi, who entered 'Bigg  to overpower your opponents.
                                                         fun. We are going to make  Boss 14' as challenger, quit  VIRGO  (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)
                                                         everyone laugh. We both are  the show on finale night  This week, you may have to work harder to accomplish your tasks. This
                                                         jolly, so of course you will see  taking a bag of Rs 14 lakh  can lead to delays which can be upsetting. Being angry and stubborn
                                                         a lot of enjoyment on the  ($23,500) but this time she  can obstruct some of your tasks. Try to adapt at your workplace to en-
                                                         show that we are going to do.  wants to continue till the  sure better harmony. Family disputes are also possible. Avoid any ar-
                                                         And also you will have that  end. As she says: "Last time  gument or conflict with family members. Beware of your opponents as
                                                         typical husband-wife fight  on the advice of Vindu Dara  they may try to damage you. There could be some unnecessary travel
                                                         also. We both are going to be  Singh I took the bag and left  which can increase your mental stress.
                                                         very natural on the show."  as he told me you would not  LIBRA
                                                          She   finds   all  the  win. But this time I am not       (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)
                                                         contestants very strong and  going to do the same and  This week, your focus should be on improving your concentration and
                                                         challenging.   "Shamita  with the support of the  managing your stress. There could be some problems from opponents.
                                                         Shetty, Tejasswi Prakash,  audience I hope to be the  Expenses are likely to shoot up, and your spouse may face health prob-
                                                         Umar Riaz, Karan Kundrra,  winner also."          lems. Those in business will benefit through partnership. Relations with
                                                                                                           your business partner will also improve. You are likely to get more profit
                                                                                                           from abroad, so make plans accordingly. Towards the end of the week,
                                                         WINTER WELLNESS         Stay hydrated             you could go on a short trip.
                                                                                   Drinking  a  sufficient
                                                         CONTINUED FROM P.12     amount of warm water will  SCORPIO   (Oct. 24 - Nov. 21)
                                                                                 help  to  maintain  the   Your creative self will come to the fore this week. Overall, you will stay
            SQUIGGLY                                     citrus fruits like lemon and  moisture content of the  happy in your personal life. There will be significant profit in your busi-
                                                         orange.                 skin.                     ness, and you can gain from foreign sources as well such as import-ex-
                                                                                                           port of goods. Your social image will improve, and your relations with
                                                         Probiotics              Hot soups                 your friends and colleagues will improve. You may think of availing a
                                                          Probiotics reduce the risk  Soups are a great addition  bank loan. This is a good time for investing in real estate. Benefits from
                                                         of getting upper respiratory  to our winter menu. This  ancestral property are indicated.
                                                         tract infections and help  can be further enhanced by  SAGITTARIUS  (Nov. 22- Dec. 21)
                                                         keep the immune system  using various herbs and
                                                         healthy.  It   includes  spices which are good for  This week, you will get success in whatever work you do. You can clear
                                                         buttermilk, fermented rice  winters such as rosemary,  an old loan, which will bring relief. You may get a chance to meet your
                                                         water, pickled vegetables,  oregano, ginger, garlic,  maternal uncle. This is the right time to upgrade your skills and enroll
                                                         kefir, etc.              pepper,   cumin, etc.     yourself in any learning program. This week you will find happiness in
                                                                                                           family life. You will spend on household matters. You can consider mak-
                                                                                                           ing a transaction relating to land or property. You can look to start a
                                                                                                           new business partnership or collaboration.
                                                         HEART FAILURE           is typically through a    CAPRICORN
                                                                                 holistic treatment plan,                (Dec 22.- Jan. 20)
                                                         CONTINUED FROM P.12     comprising medication or  You are advised to be courageous in every situation you face this week.
                                                                                 surgical procedures and   Your communication skills will prove to be an asset in your career, so
                                                         not mean your heart has  lifestyle changes, which can  work on them. You are likely to go for a short trip. There are strong signs
                                                         stopped working and is  include exercise and dietary  of an increase in your income which will improve your financial condi-
                                                         definitely not the ‘end of the  modifications. Adhering to  tion. You will be relaxed mentally and will be happy in your personal life
                                                         road.’ Although there is no  treatment and lifestyle  too.There will be love and affection among family members. Siblings
                                                         definite cure, it can be  changes is key to managing  will support you in important family matters.
                                                         treated, and symptoms can  your condition effectively.  AQUARIUS  (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)
                                                         often   be     managed
                                                         effectively.              Now that these myths    This week, you need to be vigilant around your colleagues and com-
                                                          By effectively managing  have been addressed, you  petitors. Do not depend on them. Start working on your own, only then
                                                         the  disease,  including  can be better prepared to  you will find success. There are strong possibilities of financial bene-
                                                                                                           fits, especially from foreign contacts. Your willingness to learn some-
                                                         alleviating or stabilizing  track your heart health! If  thing new will increase  and  open new horizons for you. Your younger
                                                         symptoms, patients can still  you or a loved one is  siblings may face some kind of problem in their career. You are likely
                                                         benefit from treatment to  experiencing  any  heart  to celebrate a family function this week.
                                                         living an improved quality  failure symptoms – consult a
                                                         of life. Disease management  doctor immediately.  PISCES    (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
                                                                                                           This week, you will feel motivated to undertake some new tasks. You
                                                                                                           will experience a feeling of pride and look to spread happiness to peo-
                                                                                                           ple around you. You will have success in accumulating wealth. However,
                                                                                                           during this time your family may face some fluctuating fortunes as far
                                                                                                           as finances are concerned. Short distance travel will prove beneficial.
                                                                                                           By making efforts you will also achieve tremendous success in your
                                                                                                           work life.
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