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        Shetty to pay                                    How Ashok Elluswamy became

        Barclays $131mn the Tesla autopilot team head

        LONDON, England           They include his only  SAN FRANCISCO, CA                                College  of  Engineering  tweeted along with a link to
                                 known English asset, a $5.4                                              Guindy, Chennai and a   apply for the job.
          Barclays can enforce a  million penthouse close to  Tesla founder and CEO                       Master's degree in Robotics  Interested candidates can
        $131     million                the Lord's cricket  Elon Musk took to Twitter                     System Development from  apply by filling in fields like
        judgment     to                 ground in north-  to reveal how he chose                          Carnegie Mellon University.  name, email, exceptional
        recover  unpaid                 west London. The  Ashok Elluswamy from                             As   per  a  LinkedIn  work done in software,
        bills      from                 flat is owned by  India to work as an                              endorsement       from  hardware or AI, dropping
        embattled NMC                   Shetty through a  autopilot team director at                      Elluswamy's professor at  their resume in the PDF
        Health  founder                 British   Virgin  his electric vehicle company.                   CMU, John Dalon, he was  format and hitting the Apply
        B.R.     Shetty                 Islands company,  Elluswamy was actually                          one of the top students and  option.
        following   the                 Multi Skies Ltd,  the first employee to be                         showed initiative in learning  In a 2014 interview, Musk
        failure of a foreign            according to land  hired for Tesla's Autopilot                    a wide variety of topics.  said he looked for "evidence
        exchange venture,  THE NMC HEALTH  registry      team, with Musk actually                          Recently, Musk tweeted  of exceptional ability" in a
        a British judge has  FOUNDER DEFAULTED  documents.  using Twitter to ask people  HE WAS THE FIRST TO BE HIRED  that he is hiring Artificial  potential employee, rather
        ruled,     The                    The Indian-born  to apply for the role back in  BY CEO ELON MUSK  Intelligence (AI) engineers  than a degree from a
        National reported.  ON A CURRENCY  businessman  --  2015.                                         who are passionate about  prestigious university.
          The UK-based SWAP AGREEMENT   who   signed  a   "I tweeted that Tesla is  Vehicle Control System and  solving day-to-day problems  "There is no need even to
        international bank              guarantee in 2015  about to launch an auto  has  interned   with  through AI.             have a college degree at all,
        had sought to claw back its  to pay off any debts to  pilot team. Through that  Volkswagen  Electronic  "As always, Tesla is  or even high school," Musk
        losses    after     the  Barclays incurred by the  tweet, Ashok was the first to  Research Lab.    looking for hardcore AI  said during an interview
        businessman's Abu Dhabi-  UAE Exchange Centre --  be selected in the autopilot  He holds a bachelor's  engineers who care about  with  the  German
        based UAE Exchange Centre  had tried to delay the ruling,  team," Musk said in a tweet.  degree in Electronics and  solving  problems  that  automotive  publication
        (UAEEC) reneged on a     claiming that the bank was  Before joining Tesla, he  Communication      directly affect people's lives  Auto Bild about his hiring
        currency-swap agreement in  responsible for misconduct  has worked with WABCO  Engineering  from  the  in a major way," Musk  preferences more broadly.
        March 2020 with his empire  and had connived with
        on the brink of collapse.  fraudsters to rip off his
          Barclays gave UAEEC    company.
        more than $129 million in  Shetty -- who claims to be  NYPD’s hate crimes unit probes
        less than a week, but never  'financially  paralysed'
        received  the  expected  because of a series of freezing
        currencies in exchange as  orders imposed by courts in  attack on Sikh taxi driver
        share trading in parent  the UK and India -- said he
        company   Finablr  was   would continue his legal  NEW YORK, NY           said in an email to our news  authorities and urged them  The NYPD and the
        suspended on the London  battle, the report added.                        service on Monday that its  to investigate this violent  prosecutor's  office  of
        Stock Exchange amid a     The 79-year-old further  The New York Police    police  department  "is  incident."             Queens borough, which has
        massive accounting scandal,  claimed  that  he  was  Department's (NYPD) Hate  actively investigating this  The State Department's  jurisdiction over the airport,
        the report said.         'stranded in Mangalore' after  Crimes Unit has joined the  incident" in coordination  South and Central Asian  had not replied as of
          A court in Dubai ruled in  being turned back by Indian  investigation into the attack  with New York Police  Affairs Bureau had tweeted  Monday night to requests
        favour of the bank in April  border officials when he  on a Sikh taxi driver at the  Department's Hate Crimes  that the US was "deeply  for information about the
        last  year,   prompting  tried to return to the UAE in  city's  main  airport,  Unit and the local public  disturbed" by the attack and  incident  and  their
        Barclays to go to the High  November 2020, according  following a call for action by  prosecutor's office.  added: "We all have a  investigation.
        Court in London to enforce  to the judgment.      the Indian Consulate here.  The consulate tweeted:  responsibility  to  hold  There  is  sparse
        the ruling and tap the    A spokeswoman for his    The Port Authority of New  "The assault against a Sikh  perpetrators of hate crimes  information about the video
        cricket lover's frozen assets  legal team said: "Shetty shall  York and New Jersey, which  taxi driver in New York is  accountable  for  their  that began circulating last
        around the world, the report  be appealing against this  has jurisdiction over the  deeply disturbing. We have  actions, no matter where
        added.                   judgment".               John F Kennedy Airport,  taken up the matter with US  such crimes occur."      SEE HATE CRIMES, P.8
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