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8 I January 14, 2022   § Vol: 23  No: 02                                                                                 
                                                                    INDIA / SOUTH ASIA

        India to import                                  Amarinder’s PLC party gets

        US pork                                          ‘hockey stick and ball’ symbol

                                                          Former Punjab Chief
                                                         Minister Amarinder Singh's
                                                         Punjab Lok Congress (PLC)
                                                         party has been allotted
                                                         ‘hockey stick and ball as
                                                         party symbol.
                                                          In a tweet, PLC said,
                                                         "Happy to inform that
                                                         Punjab Lok Congress has
                                                         received its Party Symbol -
                                                         Hockey Stick and Ball.
        THE US IS THE SECOND-LARGEST PORK EXPORTER       i (Now only left to score the
                                                         goal)."                                                  Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Punjab
        WASHINGTON, DC           Affairs) Piyush Goyal for  Singh's PLC is jointly
                                 facilitating this important  contesting next month's  @capt_amarinder  ji  &  own party.         issue a common manifesto.
          For the first time, India will  development."   Assembly elections in Punjab  @plcpunjab. Together let's  In the last week of  Hockey is one of the most
        allow the import of pork from  In a statement, Secretary  with the BJP and Sukhdev  pave  the  way  for  December, three parties  popular sports in Punjab and
        the US, a decision taken at  Vilsack said: "This new  Singh Dhindsa's Shiromani  development of #Punjab.  officially  announced  to  many players from the state
        the US-India Trade Policy  opportunity  marks  the  Akali Dal (Sanyukt).  Chak de!."              jointly contest the Punjab  have been integral parts of
        Forum held in New Delhi last  culmination of nearly two  Quoting the PLC tweet,  Amarinder Singh floated  Assembly polls and formed a  the national team.
        November.                decades of work to gain  Union minister and BJP's  his own party after he was  six-member  committee,  The 117-member Punjab
          US Secretary of Agriculture  market access for US pork to  election  in-charge  for  forced to resign from the  comprising two members  Assembly will go to the polls
        Tom Vilsack and Trade    India - and it signals positive  Punjab, Gajendra Singh  office of Chief Minister. After  from each party, to decide  on February 14, while the
        Representative Katherine Tai  movement in US-India trade  Shekhawat,  tweeted,  resigning from office, he quit  the seat-sharing formula.  counting of votes  will be
        announced    that   the  relations.              "Congratulations        the Congress and formed his  The three parties will also  taken up on March 10.
        government of India has   "We will continue working
        agreed to allow the import of  with the Indian government
        American pork and pork   to ensure that the US pork                                               SC jails 80-year-old woman
        products,  removing  a   industry can begin shipping  Aung San Suu Kyi
        longstanding  barrier  in  its high-quality products to
        agricultural trade.      consumers  as  soon  as                                                  for cruelty to daughter-in-law
          Taking to Twitter on   possible."              sentenced to 4
        Monday night, Tai said that  In 2020, the US was the                                              NEW DELHI               appeal by the High Court, is
        she and Vilsack "are very  world's third-largest pork                                                                     no ground not to impose the
        happy with India's agreement  producer and second-largest                                          The Supreme Court on   punishment   and/or  to
        to allow US pork imports for  exporter, with global sales of  more years in jail                  Tuesday   upheld   the  impose the sentence already
        the first time. This is great  pork and pork products                                              conviction of an 80-year-old  undergone.”
        news for our producers as we  valued at $7.7 billion.                                             mother-in-law under the   “However, instead of one
        continue to strengthen our  In fiscal year 2021, the US                                            IPC’s Section 498A, and  year R.I. for the offence
        trade relationship with India.   exported more than $1.6                                          sentenced her to three  under Section 498A IPC, the
          "Thank   you   (Union  billion  of  agricultural                                                months imprisonment.    appellant is directed to
        Minister  of  Consumer   products to India.                                                        Finding the mother-in-  undergo imprisonment of
                                                                                                          law guilty of committing  three months R.I. with fine
                                                                                                          cruelty   against  the  and the default sentence as
        Crisis-hit Sri Lanka asks                                                                         daughter-in-law while her  imposed by the trial court.”
                                                                                                                                    The victim’s mother had
                                                                                                          husband was abroad, the
        China to restructure                                                                              bench said: “The victim was  lodged a complaint alleging
                                                                                                                                  that her son-in-law, his
                                                                                                          staying all alone with her in-
        debt repayments                                                                                   laws. Therefore, it was the  mother, her daughter, and
                                                                                                          duty of the appellant
                                                                                                          (mother-in-law), being the  harassing her daughter and
        NEW DELHI                billion last year, without                                               mother-in-law  and  her  subjecting her to cruelty for
                                 providing further details,                                               family to take care of her  want of jewels. It was
          Sri Lankan President   the report added.                                                        daughter-in-law,  rather  alleged due to this pressure,
        Gotabaya Rajapaksa has    Rajapaksa also offered to                                               than  harassing  and/or  the victim had immolated
        asked China to restructure  allow Chinese tourists to                                             torturing and/or meting out  herself. All the accused were
        the crisis-hit island nation's  return to Sri Lanka provided                                      cruelty to her daughter-in-  charged for the offences
        debt repayments as part of  they  adhere  to  strict                                              law regarding jewels or on  under Sections 498A and
        efforts to help the South  coronavirus regulations.  BOGUS CHARGES AIM TO KEEP HER IN PRISON according to THE  other issues.”  306 of the IPC.
        Asian country navigate its  Before the pandemic,  HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH                               The bench of Justices    The mother-in-law had
        worsening      financial  China was Sri Lanka's main  NAY PYI TAW, Myanmar  has denied them all.   M.R.   Shah  and   B.V.  moved the high court
        situation, the BBC reported.  source of tourists and it                    If convicted of all the  Nagarathna said in its  challenging the trial court
          Rajapaksa  made   the  imports goods from the   Aung San Suu Kyi, the  charges, the Nobel laureate  verdict: “At the time when  order which sentenced her
        request during a meeting  Asian giant more than from  former de facto leader of  could spend the rest of her  the incident occurred, the  to 1 year imprisonment.
        with   Chinese  Foreign  any other country.      Myanmar who was ousted  life behind bars.        appellant          was  However, the high court
        Minister Wang Yi on       In recent months, Sri  during the February 1, 2021  Following  the  coup  approximately between 60-  dismissed her appeal and
        Sunday.                  Lanka     has     been  military coup, has been  which toppled her National  65 years. The incident is of  confirmed the judgment of
          In the last decade, China  experiencing a severe debt  sentenced to four more  League for Democracy  the year 2006. Therefore,  the trial court. Later, she
        has lent Sri Lanka over $5  and foreign exchange crisis,  years in prison after her first  (NLD) government, she  merely because a long time  moved  the  top  court
        billion for projects including  which has been made worse  conviction  last  month  has been under house  has passed in concluding the  challenging the high court
        roads, an airport and ports,  by the loss of tourist income  during which she was given  arrest in an undisclosed  trial and/or deciding the  order.
        the BBC report said.     during the pandemic, the  a reduced term of two years.  location.
          China is Sri Lanka's fourth  BBC report said.   According to a report in  The coup was staged
        biggest  lender,  behind  The country has received  the  BBC,  Monday's  after the military alleged  HATE CRIMES          attack stoically and did not
        international  financial  billions of dollars of soft  convictions stem from when  massive voting fraud in the             retaliate.
        markets,   the    Asian  loans from China but the  soldiers searched her house  November 2020 general  CONTINUED FROM P.7   At a point in the video, two
        Development Bank and     island-nation  has  been  on the day of the coup and  elections, which saw the                   persons in yellow jackets,
        Japan.                   engulfed in a foreign   discovered walkie-talkies.  NLD win a majority of  week.                 who   may   be   airport
          But critics say the money  exchange crisis which some  Monday's trial which  seats in both houses of  The identities of the victim  employees or contractors,
        was used for unnecessary  analysts have said has  took place here was closed  Parliament.         and the attacker are not  are seen and one of them
        schemes with low returns.  pushed it to the verge of  to the media and Suu Kyi's  Reacting to  Monday's  known and neither is the  appears to begin to walk
          "The President pointed  default, as per the BBC  lawyers have been barred  sentencing, Human Rights  time the attack took place.  towards the attack site but
        out that it would be a great  report.            from communicating with  Watch said the proceedings  A video taken by a witness  there is no indication the
        relief to the country if  Sri Lanka has to repay  the media and public.  were "courtroom circus of  that went viral on social  person intervened.
        attention could be paid on  about $4.5 billion in debt  Suu Kyi, the 76-year-old  secret proceedings on bogus  media last week showed a  The number plates of the
        restructuring  the  debt  this year starting with a  former State Councillor,  charges... so that (Suu Kyi)  man dressed in black hitting  attacker's car and the Toyota
        repayments as a solution to  $500 million international  faces a total of 11 charges,  will remain in prison  the driver, returning to his  taxis are visible but not
        the economic crisis that has  sovereign  bond,  which  such as violating the  indefinitely",  the  BBC  blue car and then coming  clear, although it could be
        arisen in the face of the  matures on January 18.  Official Secrets Act. She  reported.           back to hit the driver again  possible for authorities to
        Covid-19     pandemic,"                                                                           and knocking off his turban.  enhance the video to read
        Rajapksa's office said in a                                                                         The attacker can be heard  them and identify the victim
        statement.                                                                                        yelling at the driver, but it  and the assailant.
          The statement also said                                                                         was not clear what he or the  It does not appear that
        China was asked to provide                                                                        driver said.            police were not called to the
        "concessional" terms for its                                                                       The Sikh, who appears to  scene of the attack or that
        exports to Sri Lanka, which                                                                       be middle aged with a   the driver had filed a
        amounted to around $3.5                                                                           graying beard, withstood the  complaint.
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