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        UK police officers face hundreds William Shatner sets

        of sexual assault complaints                                              record in space

        LONDON, England
                                                                                 HOUSTON, TX               The actor, who played
                                                                                                          Captain James T Kirk in the
          At  least  750  sexual                                                   William Shatner made   Star Trek films and TV series,
        misconduct accusations were                                              history  on  Wednesday,  took off from the Texas desert.
        made against serving police                                              becoming the oldest person to  Shatner's trip on the rocket
        officers across the UK between                                            travel to space.         system lasted about 10
        the year 2016 and 2020, new                                                The Emmy Award-winning  minutes.               THE 90-YEAR-OLD star trek
        data has revealed.                                                       actor, 90, set off for the  Those  aboard  got  to
          According  to  figures                                                  adventure of a lifetime thanks  experience a short period of  ACTOR IS THE OLDEST PERSON TO
        obtained by PA Media's Radar                                             to Jeff Bezos' aerospace  weightlessness  as  they  TRAVEL TO SPACE
        service from 31 police forces,                                           company Blue Origin.     climbed to a maximum    needs to do this," the
        most  complaints,  where                                                   Taking off from Launch Site  altitude just above 100km (60  Canadian actor told Bezos
        gender was recorded, were                                                One in West Texas around  miles). From there they were  after landing back on Earth.
        against male police officers, AROUND 750 ACCUSATIONS WERE MADE AGAINST SERVING OFFICErS
        reports Xinhua news agency.  BETWEEN 2016 AND 2020                       10:50 a.m. ET, Shatner was  able to see the curvature of the  "It was unbelievable."
                                                                                 one of four crew members
                                                                                                          Earth through the capsule's
          A spokesperson said: "Each
        case reported represents a  historical, and the responses  announced that an inquiry will  aboard the New Shepard  big windows.  SEE WILLIAM SHATNER P.13
                                                                                                           "Everybody in the world
                                                                                 rocket for the NS-18 mission.
        serious betrayal of the trust  did not indicate whether any of  be launched into "systemic
        and    confidence   that  the officers were on duty at the  failures" that allowed Wayne
        individuals should have in the  time, according to the BBC.  Couzens, a Metropolitan
        police. It is behaviour which  The Independent Office for  Police officer, to remain on his
        can never be justified or  Police  Conduct,  which  post after kidnapping, raping
        condoned."              oversees the police complaints  and murdering a 33-year-old
          Of the total number logged  system, said it was down to  woman.
        by forces over the last five  forces to "stamp out" any  Couzens, 48, was given a
        years, at least 34 resulted in  abuse of police powers.  whole-life sentence last month
        dismissals.               The latest figures came after  for the killing of Sarah Everard
          The allegations could be  Home Secretary Priti Patel  under the guise of an arrest.

        Texas governor bans vaccine mandates

        HOUSTON, TX             who objects "for any reason of  bullying many private entities
                                personal conscience, based on  into  imposing  Covid-19
          Texas  Governor  Greg  a religious belief, or for  vaccine mandates, causing
        Abbott  has  issued  an  medical reasons, including  workforce disruptions that
        executive order banning  prior recovery from Covid-  threaten Texas' continued
        COVID-19     vaccination  19", said the statement.  recovery from the Covid-19
        mandates for employees or  Abbott also called on the  disaster," Abbott said in his
        customers, including private  Texas legislature to pass a law  order.
        businesses, across the second  with the same effect.  The  Governor  issued
        largest US state.         The move came after    executive orders over the
          "The COVID-19 vaccine is  President Joe Biden last  summer  banning  local
        safe, effective, and our best  month announced a federal  governments and school
        defense against the virus, but  vaccine mandate requiring  districts from requiring either
        should remain voluntary and  companies with 100 or more  masks or vaccines, and
        never forced," Xinhua news  employees to ensure that  stipulated a $1,000 fine for
        agency reported on Tuesday  their  workforces  are  those who fail to comply.
        citing  the  Republican  vaccinated or regularly tested.  School districts in San
        Governor as saying.       "In yet another instance of  Antonio and Dallas, however,
          According to the order, no  federal  government  have challenged the order in
        entity in Texas can enforce  overreach,  the  Biden  court, local media reported.
        vaccination against anyone  administration  is  now  About 52 per cent of
                                                         Texans,  including  the
                                                         Governor,   are   fully
        IMF OUTLOOK              moderate to 7.5 per cent next  vaccinated, according to a
                                 year and 6.5 per cent in  report from The Texas
        CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE  2023-24.              Tribune.
                                  The United Nations, which
        expected supply disruptions,  made its forecast for the
        further feeding inflation in  calendar year, rather than the
        many countries."         fiscal, said it expected India's
          "Overall, risks to economic  economy to grow by 7.5 per
        prospects have increased,  cent this calendar year and
        and policy trade-offs have  rebound to 10.5 per cent next
        become more complex," she  year.
        warned.                   India's consumer price
          The WEO projected a wary  index is expected to grow by
        outlook:  "Overall,  the  5.6 per cent this fiscal year
        balance of risks for (global)  and by 4.9 the next,
        growth is tilted to the  according to the IMF's WEO.
        downside. The major source  The  Maldives,  whose
        of concern is that more  economy shrunk by 32 per
        aggressive  SARS-CoV-2   cent last year, is expected to
        (COVID-19) variants could  rebound to 18.9 per cent this
        emerge before widespread  year and moderate to13.2 per
        vaccination is reached."  cent next year, the WEO said.
          The WEO, which stressed  Elsewhere in South Asia,
        the    importance    of  growth is expected to be
        vaccination,  said:  "The  slower. Pakistan's GDP is
        development of COVID-19  forecast to grow by 3.9 per
        vaccines was encouraged by  cent this year, and by 4 per
        unprecedented    public  cent  the   next,  and
        support."                Bangladesh by 4.6 per cent
          As an example, it cited the  this year and 6.5 per cent the
        help   in   scaling  up  next year, according to the
        manufacturing by the Indian  WEO.
        government grants to vaccine  Sri Lanka's growth is
        producers.               forecast to grow 3.6 this year
          The IMF forecast is more  and moderate to 3.3 next
        than a per cent higher than  year, while Nepal's GDP is
        the World Bank's estimate of  expected to grow by 1.8 per
        8.3 per cent for this fiscal  cent this year and then
        year, which puts it behind  rebound to 4.4 per cent, the
        China's 8.5 per cent growth  report said.
        this year.                Bhutan's  economy  is
          The  Bank's  Regional  forecast to continue to shrink
        Economic Update released  by 1.9 per cent this year, but
        last week said India's GDP  grow by 4.2 per cent next
        growth  is  expected  to  year, according to the WEO.
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