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P. 9                                                                                                      January 14, 2022   § Vol: 23  No: 02 I 9

        COVID-19 cases among

        US kids increasing



        WASHINGTON, DC           published late Monday.  week in a row child
                                  The overall rate was 11,255  COVID-19 cases in the US
          Nearly 8.5 million children  cases per 100,000 children  are above 100,000. Since
        in the US have tested    in the population, Xinhua  the first week of September,
        positive for COVID-19 since  news agency reported.  there have been over 3.4
        the onset of the pandemic,  COVID-19 cases among  million additional child
        and COVID-19 cases among  US children are "increasing  cases, according to the
        American   children  are  exponentially," far exceeding  AAP.
        "increasing exponentially,"  the peak of past waves of  Children accounted for
        according to the latest report  the pandemic, according to  1.7 to 4.3 per cent of total
        of the American Academy of  the report.          reported hospitalisations,
        Pediatrics (AAP) and the  For the week ending    and 0 to 0.27 per cent of all
        Children's     Hospital  January 6, over 580,000  Covid-19 deaths, according
        Association.             child Covid-19 cases were  to the report.
          A total of 8,471,003 child  reported, a 78 per cent  "There is an urgent need
        COVID-19 cases had been  increase over the week  to collect more age-specific
        reported across the country  before, and an almost  data to assess the severity of
        as of January 6, and children  tripling of case counts from  illness related to new
        represented 17.4 per cent of  the two weeks prior,  variants as well as potential
        all   confirmed    cases,  according to the AAP.  longer-term effects," the
        according to the report   This marks the 22nd    AAP said in the report.

        Drop COVID-19 testing

        for fully-vaccinated,

        says Heathrow Airport

        LONDON, England          prompted uncertainty among  Heathrow Airport, said:
                                 the travellers who faced  "There are currently travel
          The Heathrow Airport in  additional bills for costly PCR  restrictions, such as testing,
        London  has called for   tests.                  on all Heathrow routes - the
        dropping COVID-19 testing  It added that there was now  aviation industry will only
        for those who are fully-  significant doubt on when  fully recover when these are
        vaccinated, while revealing  demand would return despite  all lifted and there is no risk
        that "at least" 600,000  the subsequent lifting of UK  that they will be reimposed at
        passengers cancelled flights  rules last week governing  short notice, a situation
        during the key holiday month  pre-departure coronavirus  which is likely to be years
        of December, Sky News    testing for people arriving in  away", as per the report.
        reported.                the country, the report said.  Heathrow said that it
          The UK's largest airport  Heathrow      urged  carried fewer passengers in
        said that "swiftly imposed"  governments to go further to  2021 than in 2020 when the
        action during the month of  help the wider travel sector  crisis first took hold - with
        December to tackle the   gain traction.          lockdowns globally forcing it
        Omicron variant in the run-  John Holland-Kaye, Chief  to cut jobs and report a 2
        up to the festive season  Executive  Officer  at  billion pound annual loss.

        China builds quarantine camps

        of cramped metal boxes

        BEIJING, China           used by Beijing, the report  they were part of a 'big
                                 said.                   transfer' of thousands of
          Sprawling  quarantine   There are now a total of 20  people to the camps.
        camps with rows upon rows  million people confined to  Pregnant women, children
        of cramped metal boxes to  their homes in China after  and the elderly are believed
        house people suspected of  the cities of Anyang and  to be among those sent to
        having COVID-19 have     Yuzhou joined the 13 million  the Xi'an camps, with
        sprung up in China, social  in Xi'an under quarantine  insiders sharing the horrors
        media videos show, Daily  and banned from leaving  of their detention in the Zero
        Mail reported.           their home even to buy food.  Covid state, the report said.
          The Communist country is  Anyang, home to 5.5   Footage widely shared
        attempting to eradicate the  million people, was locked  online shows people in the
        virus despite warnings that  down late Monday after two  tiny boxes furnished with a
        the more infectious Omicron  cases of the Omicron variant  wooden bed and a toilet,
        variant makes a Zero Covid  were reported -- and some  where they are forced to
        strategy impossible, even  residents of the locked-down  remain for as long as two
        with the draconian measures  cities have told the BBC that  weeks.
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