EU to allocate $236mn in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan

The European Union (EU) will increase its humanitarian aid to Afghanistan to more than 200 million euros ($236 million), European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced.

“At today’s G7 Leaders call, I will announce an increase in humanitarian support for Afghans, in and around the country, from EU budget from over 50 million to over 200 million,” von der Leyen said in a tweet on Tuesday.

This humanitarian aid will come on top of Member States’ contributions to help the people of Afghanistan,” she added.

According to European Commission chief spokesperson Eric Mamer, the 200 million euros will come on top of 57 million euros already-allocated humanitarian assistance, Xinhua news agency reported.

To make sure that the money is used to help those who require humanitarian assistance, a “robust” contractual engagement is made with partner organisations, including reports on how funds are used on the ground, Mamer said.

Despite the withdrawal of the NATO troops and personnel from Afghanistan, most NGOs were continuing to operate in the country, the spokesperson added.

All EU staff have been evacuated from Afghanistan, Mamer said, noting that a core presence is still maintained at the airport.