Evening ice cream experiences of ‘Vidvaans’ will get even better: Puri to Central Vista critics

Taking a dig at opposition parties and others who are critical of the Central Vista project, Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Thursday said the evening ice cream experiences of ‘Vidvaans’ (learned) are going to get even better. Puri, Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, visited the Central Vista Avenue and New Parliament project sites.

After his visit he shared pictures of the construction site on Twitter and said, “Toil and perseverance of our workers is giving shape to architectural heritage for the future generations. I visited the Central Vista Avenue and New Parliament sites to take stock today. Happy to inform the ‘Vidvaans’ that their ice cream evenings are going to get even better.”

Referring to reports of relocation or felling of Jamun trees to another location, Puri said, “All the false narratives about Central Vista Avenue are coming crashing down. The fruit laden Jamun trees stand tall as the landscape around them is being redeveloped and upgraded. There were rumours that these have been cut down. No tree was felled, all standing. In another tweet, Puri said, “Work is on schedule. Quick progress being made. The new look Central Vista Avenue, with a judicious mix of modern with traditional will redefine the heart of the city. More public spaces. Easier public access. Greener and better.”

“Delighted to interact with the workers giving shape to our future heritage. They come from different parts of the country. Pity that the Congress ecosystem wanted to snatch away the livelihood of these hardworking women & men. I thanked them for their sweat and toil,” Puri said.