Everything went according to plan, says Edifice Engineering

Mumbai-based firm Edifice Engineering which along with South Africa-based Jet Demolition was tasked to bring the illegally constructed Supertech twin towers here in Sector 93-A on Sunday said the high-rises were demolished safely, and according to the plan.

Speaking at a press conference here, Utkarsh Mehta of Edifice Engineering said “it was not an easy task to demolish the twin towers”.

“Some overseas firms that were called in for the project had conducted a survey. However, we had worked with Jet Demolition in the past too. Hence, the co-ordination was much better,” he said.

“The result shows the hardwork and research that we had put in,” Mehta added.

Talking about the challenges that the two firms faced in course of the preparations, he said: “The gas pipelines and electricity connections were around 100-200 metres away. We had to keep such factors in mind. We had also prayed in the morning.”

Joe Brinkman of Jet Demolition who was present along with Mehta at the press conference said the “waterfall implosion” technique was applied for the demolition of towers as lots of residential buildings were also constructed close to the spot.

The twin towers illegally constructed in a span of nine years were completely demolished in only nine seconds. After the successful completion of this demolition exercise, there was a wave of happiness among the employees of Edifice Engineering.




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