Ex-Bolivian Interim Prez Jeanine Anez arrested

Former Interim President of Bolivia Jeanine Anez has been arrested on charges of “terrorism, sedition and conspiracy” due to her role in the events of November 2019 that ended with the resignation of then President Evo Morales, authorities said.

“I inform the Bolivian people that Jeanine Anez has been apprehended and at this moment she is in the hands of the police,” Minister Carlos Eduardo del Castillo tweeted on Saturday.

The State Attorney General’s Office ordered the apprehension of Anez and five of her former colleagues on Friday, reports Xinhua news agency.

Television footage from the northern city of Trinidad showed that police officers and two prosecutors raided Anez’s residence and arrested her.

There have also been arrest warrants issued for former military commanders Williams Kaliman and Sergio Orellana, and former police commander Yuri Calderon.

Morales agreed to quit the office in November 2019 after disputes over the October general elections prompted weeks of widespread protests in the country.

At least 30 people died in the crisis and more than 700 others were injured.

Anez served as the 66th President of Bolivia on an interim basis from 2019 to 2020.

She was Bolivia’s second female President after Lidia Gueiler Tejada.