Ex-Maha home minister’s lawyer gets bail in ‘document leak’ case

A Delhi court on Monday granted bail to former Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh’s lawyer Anand Daga and his social media manager Vaibhav Gajendra Tumane in connection with a case related to leaking of confidential documents to divert the probe against Deshmukh in a corruption case.

Special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Judge Sanjeev Aggarwal has granted bail to them.

Opposing the bail plea, the CBI argued that Tumane was the one who collected the sensitive report from lawyer Daga, prepared its copies, and sent them through courier to various addresses in Delhi.

As per the FIR, Investigating Officer Abhishek Tiwari, who was assisting the Enquiry Officer in the preparation of the probe report, was in possession of sensitive documents.

He allegedly shared copies of different documents like memorandum of proceedings, sealing-unsealing memorandum, statements, seizure memos etc., related to the investigation of the case with Daga through WhatsApp on many occasions.

The CBI said that the investigation has revealed that Abhishek Tiwari and Anand Dilip Daga met in Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune in person, and had been in regular touch through WhatsApp calls and messages and SMS after April 14 last year.

The probe has revealed that Deshmukh’s lawyer Anand Daga had bought an iPhone worth Rs 95,000 for CBI official Abhishek Tiwari and gave it to him as illegal gratification in lieu of sharing case sensitive and confidential documents.

SI Abhishek Tiwari and lawyer Anand Daga have been arrested in connection with a separate case in relation to the scam.

The CBI had arrested Daga from Mumbai and Tiwari from Delhi. Later, Daga was shifted to a Delhi court on transit remand.




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