Ex-wife Nicole Kidman erased from Tom Cruise’s filmology at Cannes Film Festival

Tom Cruise had the most eventful and memorable night of his life on Wednesday, May 18 at the Cannes Film Festival as he received not one but two standing ovations and was hailed by audiences for his performance in the movie, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’.

His entry with his ‘Top Gun’ team was a spectacle as there were fighter jets zooming above the venue expelling blue and red smoke (French flag colours).

A few hours before the premiere of the movie, Tom Cruise gave a MasterClass at the massive Debussy Theatre. The one-hour session by Tom Cruise was kickstarted with a 13-minute highlight clip from Cruise’s career which including snippets from all movies of Tom Cruise, including, ‘Jerry Maguire’, ‘Rain Man’, ‘A Few Good Men’, among others.

While the reel was emotional and heartwarming, those who watched it seemed to have one question in mind – where was Nicole Kidman?

Hollywood actor Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise for more than ten years and she also worked with him in three movies, one of which was the critically acclaimed ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ by Stanley Kubrick, which was surprisingly missing from the movie clips. While the other two movies they worked on together – ‘Days of Thunder’ and ‘Far and Away’, the clips from the movies were of scenes where Tom Cruise was solo and there was no footage of Nicole Kidman anywhere.

Maybe they wanted to make sure the focus remained entirely on Tom and his movie career, so they stayed away from anything or anyone that would take focus away from that.

Tom Cruise commanded the attention of all with his charm and wit and he started his address on the perfect note – he stated that the producers of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ were clear that they would never allow the movie to release on a streaming platform.

He stated this was why the movie was delayed for so long. It should have opened around 2019 but kept getting pushed one year after another until it finally opened up to the very appreciative audience at Cannes on Wednesday night. Such was the appreciation that they gave a six-minute standing ovation for the movie. For the unversed, French cinema is vehemently opposed to direct to digital movies and the window period is nearly 18 months long. This has caused a fair bit of headache for the Cannes festival as well as streaming giants like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Cannes also lot out on several movies which headed to Venice festival, who have no such restrictions.



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