Exams postponed in violence-hit area in MP’s Khargone


The communal violence which took place during the Ram Navami celebrations in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district has prompted the local administration to postpone school and college exams scheduled for Monday.

The administration, however, also made it clear that the exams centres will be closed only in the Khargone city area where communal clashes occurred on Sunday while exams in other areas of the district will take place as per the schedule.

The local administration has already imposed 144 CrPC and heavy police personnel have been deployed in the Khargone city area.

People in the city are allowed to visit the market only for emergency medical services while for other urgent work they need to take permission from the local police station or the district administration offices.

“In Khargone city, Class 8, college graduation and postgraduation exams were to be held today. These exams have been postponed. These examinations will be conducted on the next order. Also, it is made clear that this order is only regarding the examination to be held at the examination centres of Khargone city,” said a notice issued by Khargone district administration on Monday.

The district administration has announced that apart from medical emergencies and for any urgent work, one can contact the SDM office, Tehsil office and Kotwali police station,” the notification added.

It also warned that any kind of objectionable photos, videos and messages which surface on social media that can create panic and disrupt the situation would attract penal action against the person concerned and the WhatsApp group administrator.

Communal violence in Khargone city had erupted during the procession of Ram Navami on Sunday.

Stones were hurled at a Ram Navami procession, triggering incidents of arson wherein some vehicles were set on fire, prompting authorities to clamp curfew in three areas and section 144 of CrPC in the entire city.

Police had to use tear gas shells to control the situation.

During the violence, Khargone Superintendent of Police, Siddharth Choudhary was shot and injured as he tried to quell rioting.

Choudhary received a bullet injury on his knee and was admitted to a hospital on Sunday.

Apart from Khargone, communal violence was reported in some other parts of the state as well, however, the situation was brought under control.



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