Exercise good, but do it right: Experts

Excessive exercise in the gym or at home can lead to complications and even prove fatal, at times.

Dr Brijesh Tripathi, head of physiotherapy department at the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), said that every individual should plan her/his workout regime after consulting a physiotherapist because only an expert can recommend what kind of exercise one should do and for how much time after checking your health conditions and vitals.

“For example, if a person is suffering from back pain, he/she should avoid lifting heavy weights and high-impact exercises that affect your discs or spine as this can strain your back bone which could cause lifetime injury or aggravate pain,” he added.

Dr Sudeep Saxena, a physiotherapist, said, “We have seen that in many cases, people do exhaustive exercise thinking that they were doing right but in fact it can cause fatal complications.”

He also advised that if one has health issues like breathing problems then he/she should avoid running on the treadmill.

Explaining the role of physiotherapy in paralysis, Dr Vaibhav Agarwal from Dehradun said, “Some patients improve in a few months while others take more time. However, if one persists with therapy under proper guidance, it can do wonders.”

Dr Pravin Rawat, another physiotherapist, said, “Neck pain, knee deformity, backache and several muscular problems, which are very common among middle aged people due to sedentary lifestyle, can be treated up to 70 per cent through physiotherapy while 30 per cent by medicines as they can play supportive roles.”

Dr Sanjeev Jha, president of Indian Association of Physiotherapy (IAP) said, “We have organised events to enhance the knowledge and upgrade the skills of physiotherapists. We have also requested the state government to establish physio centres in the rural areas so that people can also get aware and practice to recover from illness.




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