Exhibition to explore water through various art forms at India Habitat Centre

‘Pravaah-A Journey’, a group art show will be held from August 17-21 at the Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre here during the Shravan month of the Hindu Saka calendar.

Artists displaying their work include Manisha Jha and Manoj Choudhary in Madhubani; Purna Chandra Moharana and Tanmay Mahapatra in Pattachitra; Prakash Joshi in Phad and Anil Wangad and Sarita Vanjara in Warli.

Announcing the art show, Pragati Agarwal, Founder- Art Tree said: “One of the most vitalising and life-preserving sources of life, water is the most precious natural resource and supports all human, plant and animal life. Manifesting itself in various forms, water from the seas and rivers remains a recurring theme in Indian mythological art and culture. Pravaah – a Journey is an endeavour to bring forth the various attributes of Water that the eclectic mix of artists will be bringing out in their works. We are very happy to have found a motley mix of artists belonging to different art forms who offer us extensive and varied creations from their oeuvre.”




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