Facemasks with ‘Ram’ getting popular in Magh Mela

With facemasks now becoming an important fashion accessory, visitors at the ongoing Magh Mela can be seen wearing ‘Ram Naam’.

From saints to devotees to ‘kalpvasis’ and even the ground workers, are wearing masks that have either ‘Ram’ written on it or a sketch of the deity. Masks with ‘Hanuman’ are equally popular.

The Ram Naam Bank, where devotees can ‘deposit’ the name Lord Ram written on paper (instead of currency), is distributing Ram Naam masks to all visitors.

Ashutosh Varshney, who manages the bank’s affairs under the banner of Ram Naam Sewa Sansthan, said, “We have asked devotees, kalpvasis and pilgrims to wear masks while writing the name of Ram on booklets or attending other religious activities at the camp.

“The demand for Ram ‘naam’ masks has increased manifold. Devotees arriving at the Ram Naam Sewa Sansthan often ask for the ‘Ram Naam’ masks to cover their face.”

The craze for ‘Ram Naam’ masks has also gone up after the temple construction began in Ayodhya last year.

Hindu frontal organisations have started collecting funds from devotees for the construction of the Ram temple and a large number of devotees are now using ‘Ram Naam’ masks to show their devotion to the deity.