Fahadh Faasil: I rarely think about work at home

After the success of his Malayalam film “Joji”, actor Fahadh Faasil is ready to bring another intense story to the audience with “Malik”. But the actor knows how to shake off the intensity and grimness of his characters, once pack-up happens.

“Rarely I think about work at home. Days when I think of work at home, such characters keep you awake and thinking all the time. It shouldn’t happen because an actor should be just responsible about performing in front of the camera and not behind the camera,” Fahadh told IANS.

He added: “Some sequences have had an impact but no such incident worth sharing.”

Fahadh says the narrative of a film, and not an individual character, matters to him.

“I never pick a character, I pick a narrative. I never function looking at a character. I need to be excited by the narrative. It doesn’t matter how big or long or what the character is. For me, the connect I strike is narration of the story to the audience, and how my character is pitched to the audience,” said the actor.

“If you look at my films, mostly all of them are author-backed. I just need to be there with solid presence of mind. I give it to my writer and directors who walk me through the part,” added Fahadh, who will again be directed by Mahesh Narayanan in “Malik” after “C U Soon”.

Talking about “Malik”, Fahadh says that the film has all elements to entertain.

“The film talks about the 30 years of stories of the community. It’s a packed narrative for entertainment. There is politics, there is love, there is revenge and everything. We have not made any one thing loud. There is a bit of everything,” he says about his upcoming film, which will stream on Amazon Prime Video on July 15.